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Friday, April 10, 2015

So Eager To Please | Unexpected Vacation

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Always ready, aren't you?

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Even though he knew no one was home, Martin crept through the house as silently as possible. Perhaps he was taking advantage, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up.  Mr.Ravencroft’s home would be empty for a week - plenty of time for Martin to enjoy the intimates of his neighbor’s live-in maid, Chloe.  

Martin’s thoughts had been consumed with thoughts of the alluring Dutch beauty ever since his neighbor hired her.  He often spent hours looking out the window just hoping to catch a glimpse of her while she went about her duties.  A few times he had been fortunate enough to catch a flash of her pantied bottom and those few peeks had fueled many a fantasy for him.  The same obsession had driven him next door, slinking about to dig through Chloe’s things.  

His heart nearly stopped when he saw her uniform laid out on the bed, each garment neatly laid out ready for the maid’s return. He almost felt like someone had left it for him to find, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist.  His eyes slowly examined the sheer panties as he ran the sensual material between his fingers.  His heart pounded in his chest, a foreign urge building inside.  ‘Wear Me’ the panties seems to whisper.  ‘Put Me On.’  It did not take long for him to succumb to the siren song of the intimate garments; Martin was soon sliding his jeans off and sliding the panties up his legs.  

Martins’ body shivered as the cool material touched his thighs.  As soon as the panties slipped into place, a delicious tingle started growing between his thighs.  The tingle crept through his hips, demanding his body transform.  Martin groaned as his rump and hips swelled, turning soft and supple.  Soon every place the panties touched turned smooth and flawless.  Meanwhile, the ethereal whispers inside the young man’s mind grew stronger.  

Before he realized it, Martin’s hands rolled the stockings up his legs one by one.  The tingle grew as he adjusted the tops, his voice whimpering as the pleasure clouded his mind.  New memories was invading his psyche, becoming as real as if he lived them himself.  The urges slowly corrupted him just like the magical energy was physically changing him.  

Soon dainty fingers were slipping the black dress over his body, eliciting a breathy coo from the changeling’s soft lips.  Breasts exploded from muscle, filling out the top of the dress while the waist pulled in.  Each garment brought stronger urges, new thoughts - many wicked and hedonistic in nature.  This new creature was no longer Martin; she was new version of Chloe.  The same curvaceous body with the blended uges of a promiscuous girl and a horny young man.  She squealed in delight as golden hair billowed out from her slcap, tickling her back and shoulders as her body and mind settled into it’s final form.  

The new Chloe caught her breath as she leaned against the window, body still alive from her near-orgasmic metamorphosis.  She was only barely aware of the key in the lock, followed by the footsteps of Mr. Ravencroft.

“Chloe, I gave you the week off,” his familiar baritone made the girl shiver with excitement just like always.  “Yet here you are eager to please as always.  I suppose this is my reward for the conference cancelling.  And you even assumed the position waiting for me.”

“Of course, Master” she sighed.  As she heard her Master approaching, the new Chloe hoped the original would take a permanent vacation. 


  1. Mistress Simone... HOW do you come up with these devastatingly erotic scenes?? I've been obsessed with returning to your site since I first discovered it last year. You are indeed a Goddess of Fantasy, and my very favorite writer. I am positively smitten. Please know that you are adored. Don't ever run out of those delicious ideas!

  2. Thank you so very much for the kind words. It makes my day that you take such enjoyment from my work. Hopefully I'll keep doing things you adore! Also, I'm very glad you took the time to say so.

  3. An irresistible fantasy that gets one going. Masterpiece.


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