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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blonde Like Me | The Transfer

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Who doesn't love a good documentary?

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Perhaps you know me.  Maybe you’ve seen me in the hallways or perhaps we have a class together.  You might have seen me on top of the cheerleader pyramids at the football games waving my pom-poms!  If you’ve said hello to me in the halls I always try to wave back and smile. Most of you call me Terri, but I know the boys have some colorful nicknames for me.  There’s another name I’ve been known by but most of you don’t remember.

Most of you think I transferred in this year, but I’ve been a student here at Athena Academy since my freshman year.  Back then, I was some silly boy named Martin. I doubt any of you remember him; he wasn’t particularly handsome and he spent most of his time in the AV club updating the school blog.  But one of his ideas stuck; he wanted to write a story about how the girls of Athena are treated.  He heard the stories in the locker rooms during gym and he saw how so many pretty girls acted here.  With permission, he spent his sophomore year learning how to act, dress and appear as a girl.  Just before the end of the year, Martin quietly “transferred.” 

I’ve spent junior year among you, seeing how you all see me.  I met some really cool people, especially the girls here.  A few of them were even in on the whole thing and have helped me become the best Terri I could be.  They helped me recover from the procedures so I could look like any of the girls here at Athena.  They taught me the routines so I could get onto the cheer squad.  I laughed when they taught me how to to apply my makeup.  They did it so I could be treated just like any girl. 

I learned most of the girls here are worried about what you guys think of us, if we are pretty enough to be noticed.  I’ve felt the eyes as so many of you stared at my legs as I walked the halls.  You would make lewd comments when you thought I wasn’t listening and I’ve been asked to over to so many boys houses after school that I’ve lost count.  I’ve even accepted a few invitations and I’ve exchanged notes with my friends.  Some of you guys aren’t the studs you thnik you are. 

While some of it was hard, I loved this past year.  You all voted me to the homecoming court and I got to wear the prettiest dress!  I’ve had a blast on the weekends at parties and hanging with the girls.  We gossip, we laugh, we cry and we have really bonded.  I’ve even found a great guy who learned to like me for me - even after I told him the truth about my past. 

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I love being Terri.  I love that I get to wear cute outfits and heels, I love our school’s uniform and I love feeling pretty.  Being a cheerleader has become so important to me, especially because I’ve made so many great friends!  I even like the nicknames you boys gave me.  I REALLY like my boyfriend and I can’t wait to go to prom with him! 

So while Martin will never come back, “Terri Ta-Tas” is here to stay.  I can’t wait for our senior year and I hope you’ll enjoy it like I plan to.  Go Titans!


  1. Wow! i loved it!
    When I read posts like this one, my doubts of feeling girly Get lost... I hope that I could be as hot as Her.
    XOXO 💋💋

  2. Marvellous transformation with great backstory. Right up my alley!


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