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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Find Your Voice | Sting

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Life your voice high . . . when he says so.

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Here's a lost cap of sorts.  I made this for someone at the haven but I don't recall posting it. 

The sting was sharp - but not unpleasant.  If anything, it charged Kate’s libido with desire.  She knew that was what he intended and she wanted to hate him for it.  Instead, she mewed and moaned each time his warm hand clapped against her lush rump.  The heat of the sting would spread to the rest of her, a tingle lingering in that damp spot between her thighs.  Her body would relax and she would give in again - begging to be his.

“Do you want me to stop, little toy?” his smooth deep voice vibrated all the way up her spine.  Her only answer was a whimper.  Unsatisfied, he rubbed her bottom, teasing her with his persistent touch.  Her knees nearly buckled.

“N-no, Sir.”

“What do you want?”

“I-I. .. . I want to be yours.”  She groaned as she squirmed.

“Are you sure?  I could stop this. . . I could reverse my work and give you back your old body.  All the rough masculine edges would return - the ones I filed away with my power.”  Kate cooed as his rough hands fondled her smooth form.  To her, they were a balm - a source of comfort.  They meant he was pleased with her.  She didn’t want these feelings but she did not dare deny them.  “I could take my collar away and release you back into the world - free to do as you wish.  My rough handling would end - you would no longer be under my dominion.  The curse could easily be lifted.  The burden of servitude would be gone.  A simple word will lead to you’re rebirth.  And yet, if you stay.”

His fingers were deep inside her dewy garden, slick with her nectar as his honeyed words filled her ears.  He offered this all the time and yet she couldn’t bring herself to say it . . . each time the key to her bondage would be laid at her feet and she only whimpered in silence.  Something inside her liked this. . . CRAVED his control.  It was no different this time.  

“Still silent, my toy?  Well, I have one more thing to add:  This is my final offer.  If you cannot find your words then I will make my dominion over your eternal.  You will be forever beautiful and forever feminine  - and forever mine.  I will ruin you with my debauchery and make you beg for more.  I will find new craven desires and you will be my canvas for these fantasies.  So what is your answer now?”  A lump in her troat developed as the building orgsam climbed higher.  He was drawing her to bliss and giving her an ultimatum.  She tried to shake her mind free of the thick fog of sensual delight. . . . she HAD to speak now and reclaim herself!

“Make me yours, Sir!”  He smiled as Katie’s body betrayed her.  As his fingers probed deeper, her body tightened before release.  In an instant she was limp in his arms, the glow of orgasmic sensuality radiating from her skin.

“Your wish - granted.”  He said triumphantly as he gathered her into his arms.  She knew what came next.  “Now it’s time for you to grant some of mine.”  Kate knew what came next.  His dark imagination take her to new depths - he would play with his toy and never tire of her.


  1. Nice :D I think That if I was In Her place I would answer the same. =)

  2. Lovely and who wouldn't want to be Her, indeed I'd swap places!


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