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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Surprise Inspection | Growing Awareness

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You never know who's watching.

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“Wonderful, just caught you before you went inside!  We can get your morning inspection out of the way before we go upstairs.”  Terri’s hair whipped in her face as she turned towards the sound of her boss’ voice, nerves suddenly on end.  She had hoped to have a moment’s peace by coming in early.

“Um, yes miss,” The redhead said, voice barely above a whisper.  “But wouldn’t it be best to do this upstairs like usual?”

“Oh you mean upstairs in MY office?  The one that used to be YOURS?  I thought we could save you the trouble.  It will be nice to do it outside while everyone walks pass.  Now assume the first position.”  Terri licked her lips, throat dry and cheeks tinted pink with embarrassment. She had no doubt Evelyn would take her time with this; she would want to make sure everyone saw her and took a good look.  If was also a way for her to show Terri once again how much she controlled her fate.  

“No stockings today - that’s a minus one.  However, the lack of panties cancels that out.”  Terri blushed as she issued demerits, forcing the redhead beauty to lift her hem and bend over.  “Your posture has improved so much, dear!  I’m really impressed!  Your teachers all have such wonderful things to say about you.”  The blush in Terri’s cheeks turned a deeper shade.  She quivered as Evelyn’s fingers ran across her exposed bottom.  “You’ve also been moisturizing . . . good.”  Terri wanted to snicker at the woman’s comments, but she couldn’t.  The programing forbid her from doing anything against her boss.  The woman had been very cunning - Terri still didn’t know HOW Evelyn had exposed her to hypnosis.  She had only recently been made aware of its effects.  For months, Terri had been walking around in a haze, never realizing what she had been doing to herself.  Signing over power of attorney to her former secretary.  Dressing enfemme while subjecting herself to hormone therapy and experimental procedures.  She had been living as a ditzy girl for months, a plaything for Evelyn to amuse herself with as she maneuvered herself into Terri’s former position with the company.  Meanwhile, the oblivious Terri was being shaped into Evelyn’s ideal secretary - or at least what she believed would make Terri feel the most embarrassed by.  

It was reasons like today that Terri almost wished Evelyn had kept her unaware.  That way she could have continued to be a happy little ditz who answered the phones and polished her nails at the desk.  She wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed by the way the males flirted with her.  Some were so bold they fondled her openly in front of her co-workers.  But the compulsions Evelyn implanted prevented Terri from acting in defiance.  She was consider the office toy, even though no one had claimed her yet.  It was Evelyn’s benevolence that kept the wolves at bay.  But how long until she tired of tugging at Terri’s strings?  How long before she turned the helpless girl over to one of them?  

Worst of all, how long before Terri admitted to herself that she liked it?


  1. Very sexy cap Simone! I really like how you took a fairly standard trope and dove deeply into her emotions and reactions. And your design... WOW! Everything just snaps into place. Your layout, your titling, your color selection are all perfect!

    1. Thank you so much, Caitlyn Dear. This cap had to versions: a more standard style format and this one. I looked at the original and kind of shrugged - I wanted something a bit different. So I tweaked some things i've played with before and came up with this.

  2. Deeply sensual it all comes together well


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