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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lush Temptations | A Lavish Trap

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Forever if a long time

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“When does the mask become real?”

Those words seem so profound now, don’t they?  The same words she whispered into your ear the first time she slid the mask over your eyes.  It was the first time you felt the pulsating throb of magic rippling through your body.  When you felt your hips expand and waist cinch in, instantly you were hooked on the sensation.  You were addicted to the sensations of change, the erotic heat of your body becoming hyper feminine.  Most of all, you were addicted to her.

She never has to ask you, she needs to only offer it to you.  Your hands trimble each time she hands it to you, your body activating the transformation.   Each time seems more intense than the last.  Her thoughts shaping you, making you more in the image of her desires.  Each time you put it on, you are more hers.  Your breasts billow out from your chest, heavy and thick as they hang enticingly.  You become more compact yet lush - a curvaceous example of femininity.  Your body and mind yield to this ideal and she pushes you to go just a bit further.

The first time, you were merely pretty.  Attractive and feminine, but nothing more.   But each time, a little more of you surrenders.  Your hips grow wider than the last time, lips more kissable, skin more tempting.  The intense sensations make your body more sensitive while your inhibitions fall away.  She ravishes you each time, addicting you to her and to the feeling of feminine flesh on flesh - to the erotisim of surrender.  She pushes your boundaries to places you never thought you could go and can’t wait to return to.  

Now your proportions go beyond your first journey into womanhood.  You can’t help but moan as your pillowy ass devours the thong between your cheeks.  The silky caress of the lingerie she selected for you keeps you near the edge of ecstasy, a constant reminder that you are her hedonistic pleasure doll.  The dewy garden between your thighs ache with that now familiar dampness, the need to give pleasure and hungry to receive it.  

When she comes into the room, she will take the mask from you before ravishing you.  You wonder if she will make everything real this time.  One day, you know she will keep this way permanently, forever lavish and voluptuous.  Forever her doll.


  1. You are simply on a roll right now!

    1. Thank you, Dee. I was a bit worried when I started back: I was having a hard time finding the right ideas. Then it started clicking again. I had to "trash" a cap (it's in my folder hiding) to get to these but I'm glad I took the time. I'm have a few more fun ideas coming up.


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