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Monday, April 27, 2015

Eventually | Brazen

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Sometimes you can borrow a little courage

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My wife never resisted when I mounted her. Karen’s spirit always opened itself to my control, glowing with excitement as my soul oozed into her buxom form.

“I can feel your essence filling me up,” Her soul pulsed as my own pushed her into the background. My soul flowed into my wife’s body, filling her up and wearing her like a suit until all her sensations became my own.  “Mmmmmm, I love feeling you move my body like it’s your own.”

I flexed and stretched, purring with Karen's sultry voice.  I had to pause for a moment, both from the lovely sensations from my wife’s feminine body and from the erotic energy radiating from her.  “I can feel how much you love it,”  her thoughts whispered.  “Being feminine, being beautiful.  You delight in being me and I love giving you control.”  Her willingness to be my mount was exhilarating. There was no pretense or trickery involved - She opened her mind with no hesitation. All her thoughts, her mannerisms, quirks and habits were mine... as well as all her fantasies and desires.  My impersonation of Karen was so complete that none of her close friends or family had detected anything amiss.  More than once I had gotten too comfortable in her body and forgotten it wasn’t my own...

“I’m so helpless when you are me,” her ethereal whispers tickled as I opened her lingerie drawer.  “ Oh gawd, you’re going to wear that?”  Her quivering soul only added to my own growing arousal.  “I only wear it for you...only when I want you to fuck me...”  She whimpered as I selected  a rather risque dress hanging in the back of the closet.  “I haven’t had the courage to wear that. Of course you would pick it.  You must be going out.”  A purr of contentment was my only response as I poured Karen’s supple body into the dress.  I took my time zipping myself into it so I could luxuriate in the silken caress of the garment.  Great care went into my makeup, the years of Karen’s experience making sure my new face was flawless.

When I was satisfied that I was irresistible, I picked up my wife’s phone and found the number I was looking for.  Her soul stirred when she realized who I was texting.  “You’re going to do it, aren’t you?  You’re going to meet my boss for drinks.  I see how you’re going to seduce him.  You’re going to make me an adulterous slut . . .”  This the part I enjoyed most; Being the version of herself she often fantasized about.  I became the confident, sassy version of herself that she dreamed of being.  I loved vamping it up as the idealized Karen; it was positively addicting.  This was just one more taboo - one we both wanted.   “You know I wouldn’t be so brazen - I’ll have to keep fucking him to keep up the charade. . . . unless you continued to be me. . . .”  It was my turn to shiver as I slide into the cab.  It was the ultimate temptation.  “I could never stop you.  As long as you want, I’m merely a passenger in this body.  YOU’D be Karen; I would be a tiny voice inside your head .”  

Her tempting proposal rolled around my thoughts, lingering long after I arrived at my destination.  To be feminine forever, always pretty, always a woman, always Karen - I couldn’t ignore its allure.  Of course I wouldn’t make this permanent. . . . now.  I’ll give back her body . . . eventually. 


  1. “Being feminine, being beautiful." I liked it! :D

  2. Purrs loudly to that suggestion of courage borrowed and delayed own body return!


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