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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Under The Cover Of Silk | The Greater Good

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Who knew silk could hide so much

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“So he’s selling off his stake in the cartel?  That means we only have to move on the other heavy hitters.  This is fantastic intel.  After this bust, you’ll finally be able to come back, agent.”

“Actually, sir, I think I am of better use here.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been almost two years, sir.  Rocky tells me almost everything now.  What’s more, he LISTENS to me.  I’ve convinced him to shift his attention towards legal ventures.  He’s seeing the benefits of legal money but he’ll always have a major hand in the cartel’s pot.”

“What are you getting at, Nate?”

“Sir, Rocky has asked Serena to be his wife.  I would have more influence over him and I could help find the more radical members of his organization.  We could control the entire cartel from the bedroom.”

“I’ll run it by the committee, but are you sure, agent?  This would mean you would have to remain deep cover indefinitely.  I’ll have to remove any trace of your old life to protect you.  You would truly become Serena and there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to come back.”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”  

“I’ll be in touch.”  Serena’s heart fluttered as she hung up the phone, her heart hopeful that everything would go through. Everything she told the chief was true but it wasn’t her true motivation for remaining undercover.  Her time as Serena had taken it’s toll on her, so much so that she could barely remember being Nate.  She had become too accustomed to seeing the beautiful red haired minx in the mirror each day, too used to the ritual trappings of femininity this life had brought her.  The sensation of silk stockings on her legs thrilled her as did the the arching of her feet as she minced around in heels.  Serena was a sensual woman, one who took great care in her appearance and loved looking as feminine as possible.  What’s more, she loved the attentions her looks brought her - particularly one man’s attentions.

She would have cursed her feminine heart if she didn’t love what it had brought her.  Agent Nate had been trained to be Rocky’s ideal woman.  Beautiful, traditional with a spark as fiery as her hair.  Most of all, she held a little secret that Rocky loved in his girls.  Serena had woven a web to trap the mafia don, but his charm had stolen her heart.  She had found his good side and Serena had used her feminine wiles to coax it to the surface.  Their pillow talk had been of a life beyond crime, one where they could be together on some island in the mediterranean.  That life did not mix with the one she had left behind as Nate.  This was her chance, her means of leaving all of that behind.  She had already convinced Rocky to sell off his cartel holdings and leave with her.  They had already picked out a beachside estate to retire to - clear of her organization’s jurisdiction.  He would be free of the law and as his wife, SHE would be unable to testify against him.  Of course, she would keep her end of the bargain and keep feeding information to her old bosses.  She was sure that would be enough to keep them at bay.  Long enough that her old life would be erased.  The only one that would count would be the one at her man’s side. 


  1. Oh no... My message got lost =( ... Anyway, here goes another one:
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful captions, Simone. Reading them it's always delightful =) .
    I hope that I can read at new captions of yours.
    Please, sorry if I'm not clear enough; english is not my native language.
    I'll go and read the ones that I haven't.
    Take care. Catch you later!



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