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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Laced Up | Tighter

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Keep things tight

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Each time she tugged, Jeff groaned from the dizzying tightness.  Still, it was not pain he felt.  The wicked embrace of the corset was something like a possessive lover’s touch.  It wouldn’t let go, but he wanted more.

“More femme,” Simone whispered as she tugged again.  “More beautiful, dear.”  Jeff whimpered an octave higher than before, his hair longer, a more distinct red.  His skin took on a smooth alabaster tone as the wicked garment sucked more masculinity from him.  Simone’s fingers laced another set of holes and tugged again, forcing a girlish gasp from Jeff’s reddening lips.  

He wanted to cry out, but something in his throat prevented it.  The lump subsided as his body contoured to the corset's demands.  Soon the tugs became pleasurable. . . delightfully pleasing.  After a few more laces, his hair was brushing his slender shoulders and his lashes were thicker.

“M-more” a sultry voice rose from Jeff’s lips.  “Yaaasss, more”  He purred as his waist pulled tighter, giving Jeff an hourglass shape.  The cups of the corset were rapidly filling with creamy tit-flesh threatening to spill out.  Each breathless moan created more abundant cleavage.  His fingers slid over the tops of his new breasts, loving their new sensitivity.  He licked his slick lips, red as the delicious mane of curly hair falling around his face.  He loved how full and pouty they were.  He wondered how it would feel to kiss with such lips…

“A few more places dear.”  Simone’s words made Jeff shiver, knowing his fate was almost sealed.  He knew he should run, but he only wanted to be encased in this magical garment, forever voluptuous and alluring.  He felt the last versiges of manhood vanish inside his garden just Simone made the final tug.  The tightening of the knot signified the birth of Jinni, the gorgeous vixen.  “There you are, sweetie.”  Simone whispered.  “Won’t you join me in bed?”


  1. I'm loving this series of clothing-based transformations. I'd certainly surrender to being corseted...

    1. I'm sure more than a few will be on the way. The next one I post is similar in nature!

  2. Who is the model?


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