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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Slipping Into Someone Comfortable | Staking Claim

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Relax when you get home

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I made this after I got a request on tumblr.   I thought about the Costume Gun series of stories and I thought "What if it malfunctioned?"  It's generally accepted that once you put on the bodysuit of someone that you inherit their memories, emotions and abilities.  However, I thought it would be fun to play with the idea that someone's personality is actually stronger and addictive.  I hope you enjoy!

He waited for her to open her door before making his move.  With one squeeze of the costume gun’s trigger and she deflated into a flimsy, silken bodysuit.  He had her scooped up before she hit the ground, gathering her purse and clothing before slipping into her studio.  With the door closed, he glanced down at the bodysuit in his hands he had so coveted.  It was no question Anya was a knockout - heads and shoulders above the average woman. It was also why he had selected her.  She was a walking fantasy - his dream personified.  It had to be her, even before he knew she existed.  

He went to her couch and rolled the leggings of the Anya-suit over his feet. By the time he was above his ankles, he felt the jolt of suit coming to life. Each part of his body tingled as it disappeared inside of Anya’s suit, becoming more and more real.  Her body stretched over his, filling up with life and creating a unique juxtaposition between the male him and her female bottom half.  He had to take a moment to breathe before he finished wrapping himself in Anya’s body.  Soon the sensations of her hips were his, then her tight tummy.  Once his arms were in place, the heaviness of Anya’s tits made him groan.  They jostled as he drew a breath, stirring a warmth between his feminine thighs.  With one quick breath, he pulled the head over his.  Darkness enveloped him for just a moment until . . .

Her eyes flickered as she gasped for breath, face now merged with the person within.  She flexed her body, stretching as her soft body moved in new and intriguing ways.  Her hands started to explore her creamy flesh as her heart nearly leapt out of her chest.  She was Anya!  Of course you are… she paused, suddenly aware of a lingering thought just below the surface.  Her attention soon returned to her body, fingers now learning Anya’s lushness.  I’m so lovely. . . so beautiful . . . . I’m . . . such a sexy bitch.  A wave of dizziness washed over her and she sat down.  Even as her mind cleared, her hands continued to caress and fondle her new curves.  She reveled in them, loving the new sensitivity.  

Her mind floated, consumed with the sensations of femininity, feeling vulnerable yet powerful in the same breath.  Something within urged her to go to the drawer.  Her fingers went to a particular bra and panty set as if she knew exactly where it was.  Her fingers slid the cool silky stockings up her legs until the embroidered tops stopped halfway up her thighs.  Then she slowly pulled the panties up until her rump was covered in silk.  Her pink lips cooed as another bout of dizziness hit her.  Yessss - something inside hissed.  You ARE Anya.  She tried to clear her head but something else held her thoughts at bay.  Something else was inside this body with her. . . . something familiar.   She glanced in the mirror, watching as her body waved at her.  She felt the movements, but her body moved on it’s own accord.

She purred as she slid the silky cups of her bra against her generous tits.  Feelings of narcissistic vanity seeped into her thoughts, urging her on, merging with her invading mind.  It soothed her as it took control, making her at ease with the creature she was becoming.  As the new entity emerged and took control, she revealed herself to be the remnants of Anya.  Hers was the more powerful personality.  What was more, she was the more addictive personality.  The more the former male’s mind communed with her, the more it wanted to truly BE her.  Eventually, it surrendered, merging completely with the old Anya, becoming a passenger within the sexy goddess.  

The new Anya preened as she felt her old body inside of her.  She was completely in control, different, but once again a beautiful sexy bitch.  Memories of a date coming to her mind and she smiled as she started to get ready.  Her passenger would REALLY get to see what it was like to be her now...


  1. I normally don't prefer bodysuit/ costume gun captions, but this caption is different. The descriptions and length of story brings the event alive. I also like how he starts losing control to Anya. Great caption!


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