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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Glamour Games: Jennifer" or "The Slave"

Welcome back to the Glamour Games profile!  Today's Girl is a District 2 Gem known as Jennifer!  He's been trained by some of the most strict masters of the Slave District, so you know he will know how to please the judges!

Remember to vote for your favorite pet at the end of the week!


  1. Such a sexy cap & lucky girl.

  2. yes a very lucky girl, Candy. love the games so far hun, keep em cumming! giggle hugs, Sedra.

  3. Another great chapter. I love the way you use dialog both to carry the story, and to further emphasize her dehumanization by having her talked about like she's a product and not giving her a voice in the cap. The competition is heating up.

    1. Both Caitlyn and Jennifer seem to enjoy this type of scenario where they are objectified as opposed to given a voice.

  4. There is something particularly enjoyable about being just talked about. I guess it's the ultimate loss of control... even your opinion is dictated to you.

    This cap follows that train of thought very well, and fits perfectly into the Glamour Games series!

  5. Marvellous and what a super pet Jennifer really is.
    Objectification? yummy!

  6. Damn, that's HOT.... ermmmm I mean I'm not worried, sure I'm not :)

    Awesome addition to the Games :)


  7. I almost feel bad for the other girls, win or lose, I'll still be happy as long as I get to serve! *giggle*

    I love objectification and this one does it VERY well! And I love the image of me on all fours in front of a big crowd.. *shiver* thank you for putting me up for tribute!

  8. Wow! This would HAVE to be one of the best captions for Jennifer I've even seen! You nail a bunch of her buttons with a major economy of words! Impressive!


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