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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"The Glamour Games: Dani" or "The Pet"

Welcome back to our Glamour Games coverage!  Today's tribute hails from District 3, the place where we train our soldiers.  As always, they have some of the most well trained boys and Dani has been put thru the paces.  We've heard just her spankings are a thing of beauty!

Remember to vote for your favorite tribute at the end of the week!  And may the odds be in your favor!


  1. You should definitely continue the Glamour Games theme!

  2. Not my favorite from you, but good nonetheless.

  3. Practise plus correction makes perfect!

    Background a bit busy over the text but like Anon, let the theme continue.

  4. i still vote for girl #2 lol :)

  5. Tsk, tsk... some sissies take a little extra training :)

    Loving the series!


  6. So far, this was my favorite little peek into the different districts and this world. the idea of failing and becoming a woman for some competition that's meant to show your submission? *shudder* lovely!

  7. Another one of my favorites.

    Dani being an unruly former soldier amuses me, and her new body is curvy, expressive and gorgeous in this Cap. I didn't notice the collar til my second read through, I was so enamored by her hair and expression.

    Something I really noticed her, and something you did very subtly in some of the other caps...giving something for the reader to root for the Tributes and girls.

    Dani's last chance, the status of the District they belong to, some sort of freedom offered, or just proving your District is the best through complete submission ...just little things but they really added to the Cap series.


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