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Monday, May 28, 2012

[Exclusive] "Always The Bridesmaid" or "Worth Wearing A Dress For"

After so much dominance and wickedness last week, I decided to start this week with something a little sweeter.

This was something random that i made.  The image invoked a bridesmaid, yet she doesn't look extremely happy about it.  I thought I would play with it just a bit and this is the end result.

Also, only a few more days to vote for your favorite girl in the Glamour Games Captions.  Look in the upper left hand corner of the blog to see the poll I made for it.  Until next time, dolls.


  1. Loved the colors, the background, the story of this. The emotions really come through in the dialogue and text, they feel natural, like a scene from life.

    Really enjoyed this one!!

    1. You know I debated with doing this as a dialogue only story and in the end I went with the bits of story text to compliment the speech. I felt it fleshed everything out and gave it more sickly-sweet goodness that I was aiming for.

  2. The soft pastel shades match the story AND the pic so wonderfully!

    I LOVE the caption, and I love the little signature twist at the end :)

    Thank you!


    1. As I was putting this together, I had a feeling this would be one of those caps you would enjoy when I finally posted it. Of course, many stories in this mode would end up having you as the subject if the girls looked more to your tastes. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the caption as it's always fun to see what warrants a reaction from one of my favorite redheads.

  3. Steffi, this is a favorite theme of mine and you have captured the essence of feminity so well. Hope to see more

  4. The bride's cousin is in for a treat!


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