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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Glamour Games: Sara" or "The Pawn"

Our newest tribute is from District 5 where all the corporations have their headquarters.  Sara serves as the personal assistant to the governess of the district!  He's been trained to anticipate her boss's every need, but will she be able to anticipate the judges?

Now is the time to vote for your favorite tribute.  Good Luck to all of them!


  1. I am loving how you are weaving everyone's caption preferences and personalities into your Games captions :)

    You're showing awesome imagination, in addition to your obviously formidable captioning skills!



  2. I love my caption, I really do! i really enjoyed it Mistress. but this one just became my favorite! And not just that, but one of the best i've ever read form you, it really pushed my buttons! the scene with her in the board room, being an example of her influence and power, to feminize a man.. ohh goddess..

  3. so hard to pick hun, they are all awsome :)

  4. Excellent.Such a great job on Jennifer too!

  5. While this one doesn't give as much direct heat as some of the previous ones, it certainly does drive the plot forward .. while still bringing the goods.

    I'm really impressed with her monologue. Its not over the top like some Bond villain. Its more just a "matter of fact" statement of her power and what the games mean to her AND the society in general.

  6. this cap implies a "bad end" for the loser
    what would that be ?
    have you told us and i missed it or are you saving that for later?

    1. I plan to reveal the outcomes for the losers in the final caption. I don't want to spoil anything so you'll have to wait.


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