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Sunday, February 21, 2016

That Moment When | A Most Beautiful Game

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TMW you realize there is no turning back

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“Stay still a bit longer, sweetie...now tilt your head this way...just like that...there!”  I see the confusion in her eyes; the conflict between staying silent and standing up for herself.  Those cute puffy pink lips part to speak, then quickly close as she thinks better of it.  “Perfect, Brittany.”
A barest hint of a smile plays at the edges of her mouth...hopeful.  “My pretty little girl has come so far.”  She blushes wanting to turn away, but stays still so I can fluff her lashes with mascara.  It’s hard for me not to flutter with delight as my Brittany takes shape, but I can’t lose focus now.  She’s almost ready for her moment, the one I’ve been working towards.

Poor, sweet Brittany still harbors hope.  Somewhere inside her heart, she still thinks of herself as Bernie.  That sweet boy keeps a candle lit in his soul in the hopes that we can still be a couple like we were once before.  But the truth is that ship has sailed.  Bernie hasn’t existed since the first day I got him inside a pair of frilly silk panties.  His masculinity is just the latest casualty of my beautiful game.  

It always begins the same.  My attraction to smaller, delicate boys always draws me towards boys like Bernie.  While he was staring into my blue eyes, I’m was wondering what type of bra will fit him best.  By the time we had our first kiss, I’ve had already decided that coral lip gloss was going to his go-to color.  Before Bernie moved in, I was already feeding him hormones in his supplement milkshakes.  The subliminal music tracks I put on his phone were already making his mind more pliant to my suggestions.  He stopped doing weight training and started aerobic and dance classes.  All I had to do was feed the growing feminine ego within his sweet, girly heart.

In the beginning, he hesitated when I suggested he try on panties.  But the kinky fun we had while he wore them silenced any objections he had.  I would send him racy texts at work in exchange for pictures of him wearing the peach panties I picked for him.  The conflict in his eyes was obvious, but I always found a way to push him further before his fragile ego could muster up any real fight.  The next week it was a bra under his shirts.  When he wore heels around the house, I would cup his crotch every time I walked pass him.  The little whispers promised rewards for his compliance.  Rewards would coax confessions of enjoyment.  The more he complied, the more fun he had  

Once he started noticing the physical changes, I kept him focused on the obvious.  Why, he had gone out in public dressed to the nines!  No one would believe he was merely doing it for fun now… no, he obviously enjoyed this.  He loved being as girly as me and no, I wasn’t mad in the slightest.  I loved that he fussed over his appearance and did my nails for me.  Yes, his salon perfect hair was lovely and I liked him better this way.  I didn’t think any less of him just because we never had sex the usual way anymore - it was more fun when he went down on me and I used my toys on him.   It was perfectly ok to dance with that boy - he asked you because you’re pretty.  Of course you should kiss him, he bought you a drink and he should get something for his efforts.  After all, I’m going to kiss MY date for showing me a good time!  

I’ve kept my Brittany on track and she’s become a pretty little thing.  She’s almost the perfect little ditz and she hardly thinks of resisting anymore.  But soon, she will reach that moment - that moment when she no longer sees herself as Bernie.  When she looks at her soft, slender body and her growing bosom and realize there is no turning back.  That’s the moment I live for.  When Bernie breaks for good and the only choice is Brittany.  When she realizes she’s been dating a guy for three months… when she realizes we’ve gone from couple to BFF’s and I’m getting satisfaction from someone else.  When Brittany realizes I’ve done her a favor and she’s better this way, then she will be complete… and I’m ready to play the game again…


  1. Wonderful Cap Simone! I'm picturing her with a whole cadre of BFFs, all of them shyly giggling behind her hand every time she get a new 'boyfriend'. Bravo!

  2. Like omg sign me up!, giggles. Very nicely done, thankU. Almost life like in your words. Hypnos Vann and will ruin a person I think. Even TS as I am. It's like I use to think it was the HRT I'm on. As new drug of estradiol and spironolactone, are so way better of dig of past, which is premarin.

    Regardless, hypnos can ruin a person, in so many arousing ways. ThankU


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