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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Exclusive] "Entangled" or "Budding Beauty"

You know you secretly wanted this to happen. . . admit it. . .

You wanted to be caught.  If you didn't, you wouldn't have taken so many risks.  But you did and now you have to pay for it.  Well, no use and trying to hide it. . . show yourself off.


  1. I wish I had come forward with my family at an early age, but I was literally afraid my father would hurt or kill me. I had to hide my feelings and desire to be female. I'm 26 years old now, still stuck in a body that I don't associate with, and unable to change my circumstances. I recently married a wonderful girl who is 22, and a lot more understanding, but wants me to remain male. I'm afraid of losing her if I begin to pursue transition, because I love her very much.. This leaves me conflicted on many levels, but the desire and even fantasy remain. I wish I could be female and feminine and pretty like the girl in the caption.

  2. I think most of have a "oops I've been discovered moment" and maybe deep down we wanted to be found out. I'm sure our model will have a wonderful time later....

  3. The wicked delight the "Writer" of the Cap gets in the discovery is done very well in this. I always love the emotional element you bring to your Caps, it's one of the main draws for me as a reader.


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