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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Youth In Revolt or "Quiet Protest"

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He's not gonna take it anymore

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As he expected, his clicking heels got his mother’s attention before he even walked into the room.  As he minced around, he felt her eyes on his coltish frame, the look of bewilderment all the satisfaction he needed.  He did not meet her gaze until he was standing right in front of her, hand on his hip.

“What?” Jack asked, fluttering his eyelids as if he were the annoyed girl he appeared to be.  “You said no dresses.”  His mother’s face turned pale, finally noticing his cleavage.  He decided to push it a bit more by giving his new girls a little jiggle, which drew a sputtering groan from his mother that was worth every penny he paid for the special breast forms.  The girlish boy brought his show to a close when he uncapped a tube of pink gloss and applied it to his pillowy lips. 

“Something wrong, mother?  I thought you would be pleased; I think this outfit is a wonderful compromise!  I’m really trying, you know.  I said I wouldn’t wear anymore dresses and I haven’t all week.  But honestly I think it’s silly for you to think I would want to stop being pretty after you spent YEARS teaching me how.  After all, you had no problem with me wanting to be like you BEFORE you started dating again.  But I suppose making me your little dress up doll got boring.  I realize you have needs and I WANT you to be happy, mother!  But this is  really your own fault.  I was just too pretty to be like the other boys!  Now if you are too embarrassed to have me go shopping with you, then I will be happy to go and hang out with my friend Nathan.  He LOVES how I dress. . . besides, shouldn’t I have a few dates too?”

The older woman merely shook her head and turned to leave the house, too confused and upset to argue.  Jack simply followed behind, brushing his hair with his manicured fingers with a triumphant grin on his lips. 

“Jacqueline” 1, Mom 0. 


  1. Sometimes I just want to wear a dress. Sit around, read.
    Go to the mall... In my dreams.

  2. Wearing dresses is such fun and I like how the story twists at the end.


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