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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Warn Touch" or "Seasons of Change"

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How do YOU stay warm?

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He hadn’t meant to grab the jacket, but he was in a hurry.  It was the first thing that he pulled out of the closet - an old jacket his roommate left behind.  Still, it was rather warm for a girl’s jacket.  He pulled the collar as the rush of cold wind swept around him.  He shivered, but then felt warmth radiating from the snug jacket.  It shielded him from the brunt of the crisp winter breeze and allowed him to move on.  The young man smiled as he walked, the warmth spreading to his jeans as well.  As he clutched the jacket, his fingers became slender and dainty.  He smiled, the tingling heat building in his torso.  Underneath the jacket, his tummy and waist pulled in as if he was sucking in a breath, but it stayed tight and taut.  Meanwhile, pendulous weight grew heavier with each breath he took, the delicious sensation of flesh brushing against the inside of the coat.  He giggled a bit, feeling curly blonde tresses tickle his neck and cheek.  

The warmth flowed past his neck into his face, making his nose impishly cute while as soft lips grew radiant with pink tint.  He sighed as the cocoon of comforting warmth relaxed him.  The rhythmic crunch of heeled boots in the snow made him smile while the warm finally settled between his thighs.  He cooed softly for a moment, the heat nestling itself inside his body, completing it’s magical touch.

Karen clutched her favorite coat closer to her face, soft eyes searching.  She smiled when she spotted her boyfriend waving to catch her attention and she quickened her step to catch up.  She was glad she left  a little late to meet him; a boy should always wait for his lady.


  1. I love the gentleness of this cap. The transformation is neither harsh nor particularly erotic, which certainly makes a change. The ambiguity is nice too. It could be that the former roommate left a magically booby-trapped coat behind, but that doesn't sit with the feel of the caption, at least for me. I prefer to imagine that some magic found its way to someone who needed it, someone who is going to be much happier as Karen.

  2. Ahhh, once again you create a sensual experience out of a transformation.
    I wish you were a witch....I'd ask you to change me..
    am sure it would be a sensual experience


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