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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Sharing The Experience" or "Coupling" [Explicit Erotica]

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It throbbed as it slide inside him.  Each thrust of hard velvet heat pushed deeper and deeper inside Sam’s tunnel. 

“THAT’S what a cock feels like inside you,” Naomi purred in his ear. “This is what I feel every night when you hear us screaming in the other room.  No more listening for you.  It’s full participation for everyone under this roof.”  Sam could only mew in response, too enthralled with the feeling of his friend’s cock pistoning in and out of his new pussy.  “Jake was my first, too.  But you knew that.  You know almost everything about us.  All of us have been friend since middle school.  Now you don’t have to feel like the third wheel.  The belly jewel has given us a solution to that.”

Indeed the jewel had changed things between the three.  Sam wouldn’t have believed it himself had he not felt everything change.  Mass shifted, weight redistributed itself while magic tingled through the body.  Skin turned soft, hair grew thick and curves appeared where there had been none.  The jewel glowed in Sam’s belly button as he transformed into a woman, feeling his body with sensual warmth and his mind with passionate lust.  He took his first breath as a female while eying his friend Jake in a whole new light. . . something that shocked and intrigued him.  Naomi took the lead after that and after a little heavy petting and lots of kissing, the three of them ended up in bed together.  Sam laid on his back as Naomi guided her boyfriend’s cock into him, making him truly a woman.

“Now you can be part of us,”
Naomi told Sam as Jake continued pleasuring the new girl.  “The three of us - together.  No more secrets, no more separate rooms.  You get everything I get; the love, the lust, the boyfriend and everything included.  And of course, me and you will have our girl time.  It can be like this always. . . just be Kisara for us.”

The new girl bit her lip, enraptured by the feeling of Jack’s cock inside her and Naomi’s words.  This would be SO GOOD.  Always together.  Always in love with the two most important people in her life.  No more third wheel. 

“YES!” Kisara screamed as her new boyfriend came with her.  Naomi kissed Kisara softly, holding her hand as the new girl enjoyed her first orgasm as newest member of the relationship.


  1. Wow, that's so different. I really like the intimacy and positivity.

  2. Liked this cap, Simone. I liked how you described the transformation process without being too explicit about it.

  3. Simone, your posts are so erotic.
    Takes my breath away.
    love how you slowly get the reader up to the point of what is happening in the picture
    Am so wishing I was Sam

  4. That is ridiculously hot. You really can't break up a friendship, and this really is the best solution so everybody feels included.


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