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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Five Senses | Sight Beyond Sight

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Can you name them all?

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This should save you a bit of worry, but it won’t.  You are beautiful; gorgeous even.  The spell’s potency was effective far beyond my expectations so I KNOW you would be pleased.  

And yet, knowing this only eats at you, doesn’t it?  You are aching to know just HOW beautiful you are.  You feel your supple skin and want to see how it glows, don’t you?  That hair tickles your shoulders and you want to see how it frames that porcelain face.  Wouldn’t be a treat to see those pouty lips as my finger touches them?  I bet you feel your breasts rubbing against silk and satin and are dying to see them for yourself.  

I could show you how pretty you are, but I won’t.  That wasn’t our agreement.  Your beauty isn’t for you, it’s for me to enjoy.  I said I would transform you into a woman but I never said I would let you see the results.  You’ll just have to rely on your other senses to find satisfaction.  Can’t you smell your arousal? Feel how smooth your body is!  Hear how you moan as my fingers slide into your panties!  No, I don’t think you should be allowed to see - It’s enough reward that you get to be the recipient of my sapphic lusts.  Soon you’ll be tasting MY arousal when your tongue makes me cum.  

Now don’t think of me as cruel.  This will not be the last time you’ll get to experience femininity.  All you need do is beg on bended knees and I will change you again.  The terms will always be the same.  Now if you want to SEE; that will require another deal...


  1. Hi Simone..WOW...that took my breath away.
    so sensual.
    my God would I love you to transform me like that.
    just to feel that much sensuality. Even if not being able to see
    it. To feel it all. Oh my

  2. So richly sensual cap, I can't resist it. Brilliant, Mistress Simone


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