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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Public Service Announcement | Get Help Somewhere

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled transformations . . . . 

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Dee shared the link to Kaitlyn's Blog involving a twisted PSA. Dee's inspired a few laughs from me and after doing another cap for her, I decided to create something else with a bit of humor.  Should I do a few more?


Every year, hundreds of young males lose their masculinity to hypersensitive, vindictive witches, body-hoppers, and mythical twisted genies.  All over the country, men wake up transformed, permanently trapped within the forms of nubile women for slights as small as bumping into them on the street.  These young men struggle in their new lives as young women, some never learning how to even put on a pair of panties.  Many are even accosted and converted into lesbian submissives, pleasure slaves, sexy maids and trophy wives.

But you can help.

Rachel’s Haven provides help for these new ladies as they transition into their new lives.  We give them proper counseling, makeup & fashion lessons,  proof of identity and magic shielding.  Our Haven templars also help stop those who prey on such new women and provide mentorship for those in great need.

But it’s not enough.

Your donations of fashionable feminine attire, cosmetics time and magic spells allow Rachel’s Haven to continue enriching the lives of our girls.  They are free to led the feminine lives that they wish to lead.  So if you or someone you love has been been the victim of a wicked witch, please contact Rachel’s Haven.  And if you don’t get help with Rachel. . . PLEASE, get help somewhere!


  1. Lovely PSA Simone! You know you do a great job when you can make me look at this lovely women and think to myself 'That poor thing... I should really help!'

    1. It helps if you think of the Sarah Mclachlin song that plays in the doggie commercials. At least that is what Simone mentioned as she was creating this!

    2. OK... now I went form feeling sympathetic, to actually shedding a tear. Damn sad doggy commercials!

  2. Glad you see you used the Ad Council logo as well!


    Great job as usual sweetie, and perhaps we've inspired Kaitlyn to make a few more, huh?


    PS. I bet your caption and mine will both have less than half the views of a normal posting .. but we won't care because we are having FUN!

    1. It should be fun at least SOME of the time! I'm sure I can be forgiven if every caption isn't a sexy good time!

  3. Brilliant! Great work, Simone. I've never seen anything like it.

  4. Brilliant, lovely fun.


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