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Monday, December 30, 2013

Two Wishes, One Wand | Conundrum Managed

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One spell can grant two wishes....

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“You are blushing,” Felicia says with a smile.  “Simon will like it when you blush like a budding maiden, most men do.”  The witchling waved her wand around like a conductor, lending back in her seat as Kat’s fingers lightly twiddled with the hemline of her dress.  

“But I’m Kat!  Wait, I mean I’m. . . S-s-Kat! OOOO What did you do to me?”  The demure pink-haired beauty stomped her heel, trying her best to look upset but looked more like an adorable temper tantrum.  “I can’t even say my own name anymore!”

“But that’s because YOU aren’t Simon, You’re Kat.  YOU are Simon’s date for his party.  YOU are the cute manic pixie dream girl he’s been wishing for.  YOU are also the manic pixie dream girl Simon was dying to BE.  Now that’s quite a conundrum to provide when it comes to the wish business but I always pride myself on giving people what they want.”  Felicia turned to smile at the changling while she used her wand to clean her nails.  “Mostly.”

Kat sighed and pouted, but her frustration was quickly forgotten when she saw her reflection in the mirror.  Instinctively her graceful fingers went to her wild mane of cotton-candy hair while the other hand reached for her lipstick.  Anger rapidly dissipated as the young girl crimped and admired her appearance.  “Do you think he will like this outfit?”

“Of course he will!”  Felicia said.  “And you will LOVE that he will like it.  I’ve made sure to that.”  The witch observed Kat as she paused before shaking off the fog that pacified her anger.

“See you did it again!  I keep getting lost. . . everytime that happens I feel. . . ME slipping away!”

“Well I can’t have TWO Simon’s walking around!  It’s better if you get used to being Kat as quickly as possible.  The spell’s compulsions will be stronger around Simon so you won’t be able to tell ANYONE about my little activities.  By the time you have your first kiss, you should be completely comfortable with who you are!  Oh there’s the doorbell.  Now you have a good time and I’ll come by tomorrow for the details.  I think you’ll find yourself very agreeable to the situation after your evening.  Oh and use protection… or not.”  Felicia giggled as she faded from view, leaving Kat to face her masculine alter ego alone.  However as soon as Felicia was gone, the fog returned.  Kat’s heart fluttered as thoughts of impressing her new boyfriend.  He always DID like girly-girls with spunk and she hoped she had the right blend of girly and punk.


  1. This was great. I love how you just went straight to it. Amazing caption. I would like to trade with you on Rachaels.

    1. If I knew who you were on Rachel's Haven then I could trade with you.

  2. Fun cap Simone! Maybe Kat can get some satisfaction knowing that she is exactly what he will want!

  3. I'm confused, but I'm not .


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