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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Lost In Translation" or "Engrish Only Please"

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“Teacher! Teacher!  I don’t understand!”  Simon threw his hands up.  They just weren’t getting it.  Perhaps trying to teach English wasn’t the BEST idea but the money was too good to pass up.  It seemed, however, that the students couldn’t understand Simon’s own accented English.  

“One more time,” he said slowly, getting ready to repeat the phrase for them. One of the students surprised Simon when they handed him something wrapped in foil.  “What’s this?”

“Good for you!” The student gave Simon a thumbs up.   He had learned quickly that it was rude to turn down food, so he tore the wrapper off and popped the small candy in his mouth.  The fruity flavor burst across his tongue and he groaned.  Simon felt a tickle on his feet.  He glanced down and watched as they turned dainty, his shoes going from sneakers to lavender open-toe heels.  The tickle traveled up Simon’s legs, skin rippling as it melted from hard muscle  to soft curves.  He giggled as the tickle touched his cock, pulling it inside his crotch and forming a small slit.  Tan shorts morphed into a black micro-mini skirt as Simon’s torso shrank and chest blossomed.  His simple cotton tee became a frilly silk top that stretched as his assets filled it out.  

The new girl licked her lips, her nipples peeking through the gauzy fabric at the all-boys class.  She stared out at them, finally having captured their full attention.  

“Now teacher is better,” one of the students managed.  Katja agreed.  She was finally starting to understood what her students needed.


  1. A sweet transition, eh? Certainly she'd hold every boys attention now. Nice cap, Mistress now where was that Candy....

  2. Yes, Teacher is definitely better. Great Pic and CAP. >:)

  3. Okay, Candy Transform, WIN. Setup, WIN.

    Students being slightly awestruck by what their teacher turned into? PRICELESS.


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