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Monday, August 19, 2013

"Once Again" or "Reflection Eternal"

Can you look again once you see it for the first time?

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The urge to look again was building up inside her, but she resisted the temptation.  Even the silky smooth texture of her skin wasn’t a powerful enough distraction.  This time the changes had been been incremental: fuller lips, more luminous hair, a softer body.  Each change was also taking its toll on her mind.  She already had forgotten her old name.  Each time she tried to search her memory for it, she only found only one name:  Wendy. 

The first time had been a simple change in hair color. The next change turned out to be more drastic.  Mass and height melted away as skin became creamy and soft.  Wiry muscle was replaced by gentle curves, and cock transformed into moist slit.  Strangely, Wendy felt no apprehension from her new body, only anticipation and curiosity.  She used the mirror again, and transformed into an even more sultry girl. 

Again and again, the chaos magic changed Wendy, each time corrupting a little bit more of her mind.  Her only thoughts now were of femininity.  The mirror could make her even MORE beautiful than she already was.  It might even make her a sexy redhead with a mountainous pair of breasts!  The very thought of it made her shiver with desire.  Wendy bit her lip and faced the mirror, watching as the tingle of magic started its work.


  1. A marvellous device the mirror and for Wendy start of her progressing feminization. Lovely caption, Mistress.

  2. Chateau de Simone is such a magical place. Each room seems to have its own unique flavor of magic...and wickedness. But, more than that, it is very often the sense of yearning, even for the "forced" girls, that really makes the stories special. My two cents, anyway. Another terrific job, Simone.

  3. Loved it! Such a wonderful cap!!! Great story and hot pics!

  4. What I love about this cap is its potential! The mirror keeps changing her and shaping her, making her better and better even after we can no longer think of how!

  5. This is SO WICKED. A mirror that taps into your feminine vanity and reshapes you into a more desirable form each time you look into it???

    The temptation would be TOO MUCH. I think my brain would melt into goo and you would find me passed out in front of the mirror, a very desirable nymph with no memory of being male!!!

    Sidenote, loved the soft rich colors in this. And the way the cap actually mirrors the "mirror" in setup. Very Clever, Miss S!!!


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