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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"A Lesson In Lavender" or "Quest Of Choice"

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A hero's quest that becomes a heroine's decision . . . .

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Fairy tales can be a fun place to play for these types of fantasies.  The Hero's Quest never leaves it's protagonist the same as they began, so why not play with that change in TG form?

All we know is that she will never be the same now that she has completed her task.


 “Have you finally solved my puzzle?” Lady Glimmer asked Lavender as she padded into the garden.  The blonde nodded with a pensive expression.

“I didn’t understand at first,” Lavender replied softly.  “I thought you were just tormenting me with this quest.  I fought using your gifts every step of the way, knowing what they would do to me.”

“But obviously you used them.”

“The dress protected me from the flames in the cave but my body became softer and weaker.The shoes allowed me to walk over the water but transformed me into something as petite and alluring as the maidens who live in the castle.The necklace changed my voice to fool the golems in the temple but robbed me of my old name.  The crown let me see over great distances and through walls but my hair turned into spun gold.  Each gift gave me power to overcome obstacles but took something from me in exchange.  The only thing left of the old me is the part I was born with between my thighs.”

“So what did you learn?”

“I learned that if I’m to rule, I must understand that my actions have consequences.  All my decisions have far reaching effects and I must not let my selfish pride keep me from doing the right thing.”  Lady Glimmer smiled at Lavender’s answer. 

“Then you have proven yourself not only worthy of your crown but also of your manhood.  I will lift the curse on you and your kingdom.” 

“Lady Glimmer, please lift the curse on my kingdom, but do not remove mine.  I wish. . . I wish to keep this new body as a reminder of what I learned from you today.”

“Is that the only reason?”  The pretty Lavender blushed as she shook her head.

“No, your ladyship.  I-I... I also learned that I like… being pretty.”

“Very well.  The curse is lifted.  Return to your kingdom as Princess Lavender and may the goddess bless your future reign, your ladyship.”


  1. Nice thought provocking caption.i must admit i'd of accepted Princess Lavander's choice

  2. Wisdom is never cheap.
    But always worth the price.

  3. What a beautiful Quest Caption. Well Done. >:)

  4. A very lovely fairytale with gifts that help but feminize as well.

    What I especially liked was the self realization of strengths and faults and desires, too often ignored in any fiction and beautifully realized here.



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