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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Never Ask Why" or "Position Of Power" [Explicit]

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Some questions are best left unanswered. 

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned wicked story is all you need.  Jennifer sometimes needs a good, old-fashioned spanking.  Don't you agree?


And here you are looking MUCH lovelier than I expected.  I love it when I they have that look in their eyes; pensive, off-balance and searching for answers to the millions of questions swirling around in that pretty little head.  I’ll try to hit the high points so listen carefully.

First off, I did this to you.  I could go into detail about it how I transformed you but it’s a rather complicated process and the less you know the better.  Besides, it wouldn’t change anything.  What does matter is that you are sealed within that form.  Those lovely curves you are trying to hide with your arms are a permanent addition.  As are the amoral, debaucherous thoughts you are having right now.  Those wicked compulsions are rapidly seeping into your mind, laying the groundwork for later.  By now they have already removed all thoughts of escape and soon they will add an element of desire.  You’ll want to show that stunning body off and you will find pleasure in doing so.  Ah, see?  Your body language is already changing.  You WANT me to see you this way and you are hoping it arouses me to action.

Now this next part is my personal favorite because it always resonates with my pets well long they have surrendered their will to me.  I did this to you because I WANTED to.  You just happened to cross my path when the urge to have a new plaything hit me.  Nothing about you was special - It’s just what happens sometimes.  Those who have the power use it to their advantage.  You may think it’s cruel to rob you of your masculinity but I am almost certain you would do the same if you were in my position.  However you aren’t in my position and you never will be.  Your fate is mine to decide, little one.  I will tear down your walls and rebuild you into an obedient, docile toy for my own pleasure.  I will hone the lusty submissive that will haunt you in this feminine body until your only desire is for my pleasure.   Once you are finally addicted to the carnal pleasures of your feminine flesh and you can’t deny what you’ve become, you’ll finally give in and know your place at my feet.  

Let’s begin.

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  1. End result: an adore lovely submissive Toy just for Your pleasure.
    I'm struggling for words here Mistress but I really really enjoyed how your worked that whole caption. You've hit every button!


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