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Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Playing The Game" or "Someone Has To Lose"

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Game Over . . .

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Every capper has "tells" and quirks much like in anything else.  My most obvious ones are my instance on using double names for my captions and posts as well as some of my formatting and word ques.  I tend to use more non-pornographic images than some others and a lot of my stories involve some some outside form transforming someone else - voluntary or not.  Caitlyn-Masked uses a lot of colored overlay on large images in her designs and often uses Blowjob images.  She also has an eye for erotic images that have a more sensual feel.  Dee doesn't use a lot of descriptive story elements for things like transformations in her work.  She prefers to write about moments in time and leave the visuals to doing the heavy description while she focuses on creating a situation.  She also uses a lot of "quirky" images as opposed to what many others use.    I could go on about a number of people and I'm sure you know many yourself.

Chelsea over at Rachel's Haven makes a lot of captions that use amateur style images.  Going through her collection will show you lots of "selfie" images, images taken with cell phones and anything you might see in a typical facebook or twitter feed.  I don't often use them, but when I do, something is interesting about them.  I had it in the back of my head to do a caption for Chelsea and when I came across this picture, I knew who it would be for.  The first question I asked myself is "Who are they texting?" 

I knew right away I wanted to have some sinister entity on the other end of the phone giving orders.  The idea that this person KNOWS they every move without them knowing it makes it fun.  Is he using cameras?  Did he implant something in them?  Is he using magic to track them?  It's all fun to speculate. 

This story went over well with a lot of people and I someone posted that they would want to see this as a reality TV show.  Then it gave me an idea.  So here's the question I put to you, dear readers: Should I write more stories in this type of universe?  Perhaps a show on TV or just a group of powerful, shadowy people doing this for sport?  


They girls heard the distinctive buzzing of the phones over the thumping club music.  They both exchanged glances before looking down at the bright screens, the feelings of unease written all over their faces.  The text messages were identical and addressed to both of them:  

Wonderful Job, Ladies!  You have both done well to get this far.  You both made the bouncer at the front door very happy!  I was especially impressed with you, Tiffany.  Your oral skills must be an undiscovered talent!  I’m giving you two bonus points to put ahead of Kimber.   However, I’ve already prepared another opportunity for the both of you so it’s still anyone’s game.  It seems a group of rather famous gentlemen are partying in the VIP section right now.  I would love it if one of you ladies could get a compromising picture with them on the tour bus.  The one who texts me the most provocative and debaucherous picture will earn ten points towards freedom.  Of course, you’ll both have to work together to get into VIP and I’ll be looking for creativity.  I would advise you to put forth your best effort because this will be the final task for one of you.  The loser will have earned a place in one of my brothels while the other goes on to the next round.  Oh and you have until 10AM.  Can’t waste a good chance for a walk of shame.  Have fun, LADIES!

Tiffany and Kimber glanced at each other again.  So far they had helped each other but this time it was every “girl” for herself.  Neither one of them wanted to end up in the brothels: The things “Sir” had made them do up to this point were bad enough but losing meant remaining female and being his permanent plaything.  At least surviving his twisted game the game meant you at had a chance to return to your old life.  Someone had to lose because being a slut for one night was better than being one forever.


  1. Great caption and indeed some one has to lose.
    Getting back to Your question, Mistress, my answer would be yes because there is a lot of potential for a series of captions, that would build up an expectation for your readers. The shadowy world of people controlling the scene from the other end of a cellphone maybe for fun i think would work rather well.

  2. Selfies are a mixed bag. Sometimes they are good because they show the emotions of a woman's pride in her femininity or they capture a moment in time well. I loved the colors, the dresses, and the intense focus on their phones as the party goes on around them.

    As for your stories, Caps idea: Oh Yes. It would be a more wicked Dream Chasers, with Masters/Mistresses setting traps, monitoring and possibly even fighting for/molding their favorites into their perfect doll through events, challenges and suggestions. The very thought of this already makes my mind spark with fantastic ideas and fantasies.

  3. I loved this one and as Belinda said, this one could be an interesting world to expand upon. I especially like how each girl has something to lose and the struggles that they have to face that affect their current bodies and their eternal souls.

  4. I agree that everybody has their tells. Most often you can tell who made a particular caption by the design and/or the story style. I've often enjoyed finding new cap artists and reading many of their caps to find out exactly what their style and story telling tent poles are.

    This cap falls firmly into your sphere Simone, and I for one would love to see this world fleshed out and used again and again. I like the idea of this being a shadowy world with real doms and forced subs working out their tasks. Maybe even combining the ideas... it's a reality TV show where the audience just assumes it's quick guilty harmless fun while the participants of course know it all to real.

  5. I rarely use these types of photos - something in the pic really has to scream out at me saying "cap me!", although I can't describe what that would be. Maybe just my mood that day. That said, I really loved this wicked cap and I think it would be a fun series to follow.

    1. Very glad you enjoyed it. I think I'll have to extend this storyline a bit - the response almost demands it.


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