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Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Babe In The City" or "Big City Gal"

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Who's that girl?

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Aren't we all products of our environment?  Our new girl certainly let her new environment have a profound effect on her!


 The boys waited for Tom on the front porch.  Their friend had been living in the big city a long time and all of them wondered what kind of changes Tom’s new life would have on him.  They got their answer shortly after his old beat up truck rolled down the hill and Tom stepped out of the pickup cab.  They had all anticipated a change or two but nothing as drastic as this!

Still, his friends stares didn’t bother Tom very much:  It just meant they liked how “Shauna” had turned out. She hoped to show them all the other things she learned in the big city.


  1. Tantalizing short cap leaving a fair bit to the imagination but with a clear idea where it *might* be going.
    Yes, i think we are products of our environments both from what we may of had within us and also from the opportunities to learn more!

  2. Short sharp and sweet.
    Leave the things she learned up to the imagination :)

  3. Wow, those are some intense colors. But it fits the text so well!!

    It provides the same sort of Image Jump Out to the eye that Shauna's friends are getting mentally and emotionally as they first see her. So, in some aspect, the reader is getting the same sort of "Wow!" that they are experiencing.

    Kudos, Miss S!


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