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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Code Name: Tempest" or "No Ordinary Woman"

Made for Sci-Fi Kara, who writes captions with some very interesting stories.  Give them a try.


  1. great one for my girl kara :) she will love it, nice work as always sweetie keep up the great work. kara may not see it for a week or so, shes on a training mission. god bless her.

  2. If I had my choice of elemental powers, it would have to be ice/water. So that alone made the caption enjoyable.

    But I really liked how you hooked my attention for the story with out any submission, any teasing, or any seductive stares. it was a sci fantasy through and through and I enjoyed it. ^_^ loved the origin/revenge angle.

  3. LOVE IT!!! Still one of my favourtie caps out there!


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