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Monday, August 16, 2010

[Classic Cap] "Seduction by Sasha" or "Led by the Collar"

Another Classic Cap I did at Rachel's Haven.  This one is for Jennifer @ Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance

This idea came about after a very steamy role-play session.  At my most dominant, I have a persona known as Sasha.  She loves to dominate and control sexy little girls.  She also loves to break them and train them for their new lives as submissive little sluts.  Many of my ideas come from good role-plays or discussions I have with others.  This is one of the better ideas to come from them.

Remember, darlings, keep the comments coming.  Who doesn't love a little feedback every now and then?


  1. I love how this one has a wonderful and quick body change but my favorite part was the slow mental change and the breaking of the will. JUST PERFECT :)

  2. such a luscious decent into femininity!

  3. oh yes luscious is a perfect word!
    Tugged along ever deeper by the chain...of her own sissy need!

  4. Tugged and trained it's my fantasy.
    sissygurl belinda

  5. Awesomely descriptive of the mental struggle/change, and sexy story!



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