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Monday, February 3, 2014

About A Boy | Stole My Heart

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From a different perspective - when the girl you fall in love with isn't a girl

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A short little vignette from the other side of the change.  

I don’t know how he does it.  Oh sure, I’ve seen a few glimpses behind the curtain.  I’ve seen the prosthetics hidden in the closet but they feel real every time he brushes against my arm.  I see the cosmetics in the bathroom but it amazes me how flawless the transformation is.  It goes beyond skin tone foundation and lipstick, it’s way he adopts femininity and wraps himself within it.  The flirty way he walks in heels and sways his cute, shapely hips.  Silky, sleek legs and that supple skin that’s makes me want to touch him again and again.  He disappears behind her until nothing but the girl remains.  Her sultry voice replaces his and she knows just how to let me with a single look.  I don’t know how it happened, but she’s replaced my friend.  A boy stole my heart and he’s the most beautiful girl I know.


  1. This is such a cool cap
    what gurl wouldn't love to have his best friend know about his
    secret, and yet was not only cool about it, but was infatuated with the way she was and looked

    1. Very few times do I get to place with love and innocence. It can be fun AND sexy in the right context.

      Very glad you liked it.

  2. That may be the most beautiful sentiment I've ever seen in a cap Simone. BRAVO!

    1. I'm glad it fit for you! So few sweet stories get made in TG fiction.

  3. As you know by now, I love crossdressing caps. I also love sweet, romantic caps. This is a perfect combination of the two. It makes me giddy to think that the lovely girl in the picture could be his friend who was once a boy...and still one in certain places...

    Very sexy!


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