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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Telltale Signs | Double Exposure

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Sometimes a double team is necessary. 

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“What are you doing inside my wife’s body, John?”  The sultry brunette gave me a smouldering glance over her shoulder.  Her pouty, glossy lips curled into a alluring smile that made me remember why I loved kissing them.

“I’m just trying her on,”  she lightly brushed her fingers across her thigh, drawing my eyes to the cream-colored lingerie that accented her curves.  “She doesn’t mind.  She thinks it’s kinky.  But how did you know it was me?”

“Jeannie doesn’t doll up like … that.”  I motioned my hands to emphasize the impressive work he had done making my wife’s body look more appealing than normal. 

“Really?  She obviously knows how,”  she stood up and walked over to the vanity, the sensual sway in her hips something very new.  “And it’s really odd that you picked up on my appearance but not on all those things from last night…”  I froze, then glanced over at the person impersonating my wife, the wicked grin playing across Jeannie’s lips not her own.  “Oh you didn’t think it was odd she let you do THAT last night?  She’s NEVER let you.  In your defense, your performance has changed her mind on the matter.”  I was stunned as I sat down, barely aware when she finally slid into my lap.  The warmth of her bosom against my cheek finally shaking me from my stupor.  “Awww don’t be that way, stud, I won’t be in here much longer.  What do you say we have an encore before I give Jeannie control of her body again?  Trust me when I say she wants it just as bad as I do.”   I let her lead me over to the bed, my best friend’s mischievous, triumphant gleam twinkling in my wife’s eyes.  I always hate it when they double team me:  They know I can’t say no to either of them.


  1. Beautiful CAP Mistress. Struck my fancy. >:)

    1. I suppose this IS right up your alley. Glad you enjoyed it.


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