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Monday, April 7, 2014

New Face of Racing | TransGen 500 (A Classic Caption Remix)

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 A trip down memory lane to make a victory lap!

 I always said I would do this, but some girls at Rachel's Haven finally gave me a reason.  Someone decided to create a thread about re-imagining your first captions in your current format.  I've already posted my my first caption before but I've decided to provide it here again for quick comparison. 

Original Version - May 2008

Wow.  2008?  Long time ago.  Things were different then.  So many things I would never do again here yet I still have a lot of fondness for this thing.  However, when I worked on the revision I couldn't decide which style to do.  The biggest obstacle was the source image.  I couldn't find a bigger version so there was only so much altering I could do.  This limited my design options a bit.  I wasn't happy at first so I started work on a second version... 

Remix One

Version two looks much more uniform then version one.  It used a style format I have used recently for some captions.  I'm still not completely happy with it but I feel it was a nice update.  Of course I couldn't resist tweaking the text as well.  I think it cleans up nicely!  Which version do you like best?  How do you think the original compares? 

Remix 2
This little project sparked an idea.  I'm working with another caption maker to create a Caption Maker Resource.  It will be made to help newcomers as they start out and hopefully it will evolve as people continue to add to it.  I hope to have more for it very soon.  Happy captioning! 

“I can’t believe I agreed to this…”  Jeff whispered through his smile while his wife waved at the passing fans.  

“Well, sweetie, YOU were the one who went on ESPN and boasted that Danica would never win a race.  You made that silly bet and you can’t go back on your word now.”  His wife was clearly relishing in his displeasure.  She hadn’t been pleased with his chauvinistic tirade so she had made it clear that he was going to keep his word.

“I was just talking off the top of my head!  I didn’t actually MEAN any of it.”

“NASCAR doesn’t see it that way and neither do the fans.  Either race the whole season as a girl or take the suspension.”

“But did we have to go so far? Breast implants?  Prosthetics?  Facial reconstruction?   You added a stylist to my pit crew!  I HAVE to win a lot this year if we want to recoup the costs!”  

“Actually, we’re completely in the black.  Our new sponsors this year paid for your transformation ... and other things.”  

“What new sponsors?”

“Bebe, Victoria’s Secret, MAC Cosmetics, Jimmy Choo.  GoDaddy even has you starring in a commercial with Danica!   You’ve  had so many offers for sponsorship that I had to turn a few down!  The good news is that we are both getting new wardrobes and your car is going to get a new pink paint job.  It’s even drawn a new following for you!  I think this is going to really change your image for the next few years. ”

“Few years? This is all supposed to be temporary . . . right?”  

“You might not feel that way after you see our bank account.  Besides, you’ll get used to the heels.  Oh here comes the press.  Smile for the cameras, honey!”


  1. Hi Simone,

    You've got a great eye for design, is be happy just making something like the original. I prefer the second remix, I like the ambience of the red, white, red at the top and bottom and the dark background for the body of the text make it more readable whilst also making the chequered flag more visible. I love reading your captions you always put in things I'd never think of.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Samantha. You've long inspiration to my own work so your comments mean a lot.

  2. Very nice cap Simone!

    I like the idea of re-mixing old caps... it really shows how the core of the cap, the story, still works well beyond the design.

    As for which I like better.... I'm admittedly a bit torn. I like the color palate used in the second remix better. I think it gives the story a bit of a dark edge. But I like the layout in the first remix better as it allows the reader to enjoy the story while continuing to enjoy the fun image.

    1. I think the second is the one I prefer now as well. I love the clean elements and how they blend with the image itself. You came up with some positive reasons I didn't quite think about when first creating these. Perhaps I'll consult you when faced with such a delima!


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