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Friday, April 11, 2014

Avant En Femme | Grand Plie

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 An entry for Haley Pixley's Caption Contest

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I sometimes ready Haley's A Tight Spot blog because her work is solid and she often has nice images.  Lovers of nylons will find her blog a delight.  Anyone who's familiar with her blog knows about her weekly caption contest.  I finally got a spark from one of the images and decided to try it for fun.  

Her caption contests involve a single image so all entries are working from the same source image.  This means your writing should stand out!  The idea for this caption did not immediately jump out at me; I had to do a bit of brainstorming with a friend for the plot to finally form.  Once everything came together, it was a lot of fun to write.  

Hunter concentrated on the choreographer’s instructions, but the soothing silky embrace of her tights were proving to be a distraction. It wasn’t so bad during auditions but now they were a constant yet pleasant interference.  The potent magic of the intimate garment was taking deep root within her, sensually bonding with her soul as she practiced her routines.  She knew she was working on borrowed time but Hunter was committed at this point; the whole production was counting on her -  including her girlfriend.

She couldn’t blame Mela for this; Hunter could have simply said no.  Still, love makes boys do silly little things like wear enchanted tights so they can audition alongside their nervous girlfriends.  Everytime he slid the cool hose over his legs, Hunter relived the delightful transformation from masculine to feminine.  Hunter Greg Harris dwindled away, losing height and definition. While Hunter Lynn Harris gained willowy, gentle curves and thick, luxurious locks.  Her body’s sensitivity heightened while her features turned impishly danity.  Hunter Lynn’s grace replaced Hunter Greg’s power, giving her an unexpected edge during the auditions.  

Her surprise casting as a principal dancer in the production meant her continued presence.  Each day Hunter spent hour and hour as a female, giving the magic a chance to take hold.  The gentle embrace of the magical garment was reshaping Hunter’s thoughts, making him female in both body and mind.  Each night it took longer and longer for her body to revert back to male when she removed the hose.  The magic was making Hunter cherish the sensation of the thin material caressing his womanhood.  Her alluring reflection in the mirror tempted her each day to keep them on just a little while longer.  The supernatural grip on Hunter’s soul was so firm that she had yet to mention the side effects to Mela.  Hunter Lynn knew she was gaining control.  If she waited things out, she would be a permanent fixture by opening night.


  1. I definitely think you've got a solid chance of winning this one, babe. ;) If nothing else, I absolutely LOVE it! =D

  2. Great cap Simone
    I really like Bailey's blot too
    mostly because I like yo wear. Tights. Too.

    1. Very glad you liked it. I tried to make it fit in with the vibe of Hailey's blog.


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