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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post-Modern Marvel | Silver-Age Beauty

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She has a certain X-Factor...

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This was made for Kat Vandee, someone who loves transformations.  I even toyed with the background to help it all match up.  Enjoy!

“Why do you want to use this old thing?”  Simon held up the vintage camera with a look of disgust.  “The world has gone digital, you know.”

“What can I say?  I have a love for all things vintage.”  Mark flashed a vibrant smile as he looked around at the throng of convention attendees shuffling about.  “Besides, people will get a kick out of it.”

“I still don’t understand why I have to take YOUR pictures!”  Simon grumbled while looking through the viewfinder.  

“I have a panel to run and I bought your ticket.  It’s about time I put you to use seeing as how you barely pay rent.”  Simon’s eyes glowered with scorn, but Mark’s easy-going grin reflected all of his friend’s disdain.  He shrank away towards costume alley, hands clutching the ancient relic of a camera.  

“Hey, Wolverine!  Over here!” Simon said as he pointed the camera.  The costumed guy pointed at the camera and waved.  “Yeah, yeah, it’s old.”  Simon caught a person dressed as Nightcrawler and pulled him into a picture with a rather cute Rogue.  Both of them gave Simon a warm smile and commented on the camera.  The geeky boy couldn’t help but smile back; Mark’s classic camera was actually working!  

Simon’s body warmed with each picture he snapped.  He smiled happily, oblivious to the changes surrounding his body.  His cheeks flushed when a Scarlet Witch complimented him on his long wine-colored hair.  His body shrank when he snapped a picture of Beast.   Simon’s skin glowed with softness after getting a cute picture of Kitty Pryde, Mystique and Storm.  The screen print tee he wore strained with each picture as it morphed into an X-men top.  It clung to Simon’s blossoming breasts while his shorts flared out around his silken legs.  By the time Simon’s sneakers turned into kitten heels, the cosplayers we dragging him into the pictures.  A handsome Cyclops made Simon giggle when he asked for a phone number, but he playfully declined.

“Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”  He said in a sweet, honeyed tone.  

“Kat!”  Her eyes fluttered when she heard her name, the tingle between her thighs ending as her womanhood finished reshaping itself.  She squealed when she saw Mark, scuttering towards him as fast as her heeled feet could carry her.  Kat gave her boyfriend a kiss as she jumped into his arms.

“I got the pictures!  You were right, everyone LOVED the camera.  Thanks so much for it!”  

“You’re welcome, babe.”  Mark kissed the cute redhead in his arms while she swooned.  Having a live-in girlfriend was much better than a free-loading roommate.


  1. You are so good atmaking a story go with the pictures that you pick
    will always be a big fan

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, dear. I hope I keep making things that keep you coming back!

  2. I love it!

    Hi Simone,I love your blog and have you linked on both of mine, I'd love it if you could link my blogs too, check them out at:

    1. I thought I had linked you! I have you on my personal blog roll and I fixed it so your linked. Keep up the good work!

    2. Thank you so much Mistress, I'm honored!

  3. Cute stuff, babe! Love it! =D

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Sometime soon you'll see something more more to your tastes!

  4. I LOVE that dress and I don't even read comic books. Nice to see more hipsters being capped!


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