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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fully Poseable | Mint Condition

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Valuable toys should be taken care of.

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Mistress said it was her favorite pose.

“I leave you this way before I go to work so you can greet me properly when I return.”  The little doll wanted to shiver at her Domme’s sultry words but she was frozen in place.  That erotic sensation would stay with her all day, building within Felicia’s petite body with no chance of release until Mistress returned.  

The servants would flutter about, ignoring her as if she were a bit of furniture or some work of art near the door.  Sometimes they would dress her in a special outfit - a special request from the lady of the house.  She would feel every gentle caress as they bathed her, fully at their mercy.  Some of the bolder ones would tease her special places, fully aware that the little doll’s lusts were simmering within.  Felicia was certain Mistress ordered them to do so; they knew too well how to stroke her fires.  Their teasing whispers were too good - only Mistress would know how to ignite her desires so easily.  It was just another part of Mistress’s wicked web - another layer.

But Felicia could not fight it - nor did she want to.  The hours trapped with lusty desires stirring within her cauldron had all but melted away her resolve.  The spell kept her obedient to her Mistress; nothing more than a pliant toy for her to mold as she saw fit.  Mistress could make Felicia as tiny or as large as she wished - she could even change the little doll’s features as if Felicia were a clay sculpture!  The only thing Felicia knew for sure was that she would never be male again.  

“You hold the power to break the spell, sweet doll” Mistress had told her one day.  “All you have to do is speak the magic word.  Of course, that would require me to command you to speak freely.  We both know that will never happen.  What’s more, we both know you wouldn’t free yourself even if you WANTED to…”  It was another ingredient of Felicia’s fate that Mistress used to flavor her toy’s humiliation so that it tasted sweeter each day.   This little tidbit squirmed around inside Felicia’s head as she waited for her Domme to return, hoping Mistress wouldn’t ignore her.

However, knowing she was stuck until her Mistress wanted her thrilled little Felicia to no end. 


  1. One of my favorite series of yours! Always enjoy hearing about Felicia's exploits. ;)

    1. I Felicia makes for a wonderful subject. She loves to be teased and toyed with. This came out MUCH better than I expected and I'm glad people are enjoying it!

  2. Just up my street, Simone, and marvellous execution

  3. Was looking through Your older works and this one speaks so much to me. Maybe i'm reading too much into it but it's the unspoken affection between Mistress and Felicia that hit me hardest. If Mistress didn't care for her then She wouldn't devote so much time and attention to playing with Her and making Felicia Her favorite toy.

    1. Felicia stories seem to be very popular on my blog. I'm only know realizing how much people seem to enjoy them.


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