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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do It For Me | One Of The Bois [Explicit]

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A few magic words can convince anyone...

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It seems I'm in a contest mood.  It also seems that several blogs are running caption contests and this is another entry made by me.  I hadn't done a properly explicit forced femme cap so I decided to dive deep for this one.  This one also had a source image to start with, but the story ran longer than one panel.  I decided to find more images of the same model and continue on a second panel.  The odd thing is I found a few potentials.  I ended up making a "clean" alternate panel just for fun because I loved both version.  At the end of transcript you'll find the alternate second panel if you perfer it to the one I used.  

If you know the blog this contest is for, you know it gets pretty explicit and rough.  I tried to convey similar feeling while adding my own voice else to the vibe.  Did you enjoy?  Perhaps this is the type of fantasy you prefer for yourself.  

Note: if you enjoyed this, I would be very appreciative if you would vote for it here!

I had seen what they had done to Bobbi and Chrissy.  I heard the whispers about bathroom blowjobs during lunchtime and the basketball team gangbangs.  I shuddered every time I saw how they minced around like little sissies.  Those two had been the first of many that were changed.  I did not want to join the growing ranks of soft, sissy fuck dolls conditioned to surrender to a black cock.  I did everything I could to keep off of the radar in hopes that I could escape school with my masculinity in tact.  I was mostly successful until my senior year.  That was when I met Trey.  

He wasn’t like the other mahogany alphas that roamed the school’s halls.  He was only a second year college student but he was nearly finished with his undergrad.  Like the others, he too was an adonis carved from onyx but he choose to rule the classroom instead of the sport arena.  He tutored me in Trigonometry, but he didn’t treat me like a potential slut.  His magnetic charm captivated me, evolving my admiration into stronger feelings that I couldn’t ignore.  Whatever he wanted, I would do without question.  When he said I should change my look, I went to the salon he recommended.  When I hesitated, he only had to say one phase.

“Do it for me.”

His rich, thunderous baritone would melt my resolve and I would defer to his judgement.  I now kept my hair in long golden tresses with curly pink tips.  Visits to the nail salon kept my painted talons immaculate.  The more feminine things I did, the more he kept me at his side.  By then I knew what he was doing, but I was too enthralled by Trey to break away.  The injections he paid for made my glossy pink lips thicker, softer and plush.  My skimpy dresses were stretched to the max by my double D bosom and lush, supple ass.  My heels were so tall that I could do nothing but swish around as I walked.  Each time I showed a hint of objection, his magic words drained my resistance.  

I no longer pretend I am different from the others.  I exchange stories about rough blowjobs and hard poundings with Bobbi and Chrissy during lunch.  We wear each other’s dresses to the club when our alphas take us out, to show us off.  The only difference is that my Trey doesn’t share me with his friends.  Also, when he calls me a slut, he whispers it in that same soothingly powerful voice that had lured me to his flame.  It always make me whimper and squirm in his lap, signalling him that I’m ready for his thick velvet heat.  That’s when he hikes my dress up and bends me over in front of his friends.  Even now I still blush as he pounds me in front of an audience, but he uses the same balm to take the sting of humiliation away.

“Do it for me, baby.”

Alternative Image for Panel Two


  1. Fantastic caption, Simone - I'll be shocked if this one isn't a winner!

    1. Thank you, Elena. You know I noticed today you had a contest running on your blog and if I had known I would have entered too. One of the images out of the pool caught my eye so I could have at least come up with one entry. I'll have to keep better watch next time.


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