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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Descent Into Dominion | Obsession By Choice [Explicit]

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 A healthy obsession can lead to good things.

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Part of you still wants to deny it. Even in this position, a dying ember of resistance flickers in hopes that you will turn away.  Yet that speck of denial fades into the darkness because it refuses to see the truth:  This is where you want to be.

He did nothing in the beginning, yet his steely gaze shattered all of your perceived notions of masculinity.  You shrank under the storm of resolve brewing within his eyes, blushing as the drastic differences between you made themselves obvious.  He was a towering alpha male while you were a pale imitation.  

“You understand now, don’t you?” His rich baritone melted your spine.  “You cannot be masculine anymore than I could be feminine.  So why don’t you go correct your mistake?”  His cruel words cut deep into your psyche, yet you still craved his approval.  That same craving made you present your panty-clad bottom to him for inspection the next day.  “This is the best you can do? Try again, slut, and do not disappoint me.” His dismissal was a slap in the face that drove you to obsession.  At night, you practiced taking dildos in your mouth and ass while wearing bras, stockings and heels.  You sent him photo updates of your progress in desperate hope for approval but all he gave you was scrutiny.  “Pathetic.  What man would waste his time with such a sorry excuse for a sissy??”  His stinging damnation pushed you over the edge.  Eventually you quit work and drained your savings to give yourself feminine curves. Months passed as you perfected your appearance, molding yourself into a depraved, hedonistic cock-hungry sissy.  

That is why you sit on your knees now. You could have walked away at anytime, but your desire to be his proved too strong.  You submit to his dominion and eagerly work to please him.  Your clitty is caged because it is what he demands; You happily slurp his cock with your collagen-plumped lips because thats what they were meant for.  He is your master and that is one truth you can never deny.


  1. Love it! What's even better is that to a certain extent, "she" is her own mistress, leading her down the path to sissy submission, all for his approval. If only ALL sissy subs were so eager to please and self-motivated!

    You always strike such a fine balance in your captions. They never go too far or push too little!

    1. I guess I have always loved playing with "This is want you really wanted" as a trope. I think it's fun to play with the concept of self denial in these stories because I feel it opens the door for someone to find your little fantasy and use it as a method of control. In this case everything was sparked into a twisted version of self motivation. In fact that could have been the name for the story.

    2. It's certainly what I really want.


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