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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playful Invitation | Weekend Woman

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 Some invitations should always be accepted.

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 These world of in-between is a fun place to explore.  This image made me think of someone who boldly straddles that line between the masculine and feminine.  Perhaps they are more firmly on the feminine side but they don't try to hide it.  That's what wanted to convey . . unapologetic femininity from someone who wasn't born with it.

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James never hid what he was from his co-workers.  With his slender features, immaculately maintained blonde mane and gracefully girlish demeanor it wasn’t hard to guess.  Beautiful  androgynes flourished in the thriving metropolis, especially vibrant ones like him.  And yet, the boys at the diner where James worked were still mesmerized by him.  They couldn’t help but stare at the lean, willowy boy as he transformed himself into a svelte, graceful beauty every Friday after work.  While they cleaned the kitchen, James would free his golden locks out of a bun, slip into a slinky number and become Janelle.  

While everyone cleaned and got ready to go for the night, Janelle would mince about in her heels as she got ready to go out on the town.  The shy, sweet boy would vanish behind Janelle’s sultry, flirtatious glances as she painted her face.  All the while, the boys wondered what happened when the coquettish beauty disappeared into the city for the weekend.  Janelle was always playfully vague with details about her adventures but she always offered to take them along if they wanted to see.  They would laugh off the offer but she saw their desire to say yes.  She knew eventually curiosity would make one of them accept her invitation.  Janelle couldn’t wait to give that brave boy the weekend of his life.


  1. Love the vagueness at the end. "The weekend of his life." It truly makes you think about what possibly could be happening.

    I know you are always looking to write a TG novel. I have an idea for you that I'll message you. If you wanted to tackle it, I wouldn't want to give away anything to future readers!

    1. I think your imagination for whatever happens if better than if I were to spell it out. Just enough detail to lead the mind in the right direction.

  2. Fun cap with a great image Simone! I too love that vague ending... would Janell be the girlfriend they've always wanted? Or would she feminize them and show them an entirely new world? I'd kind of like to read both versions!

    1. Oooo I didn't think about her feminizing them. That WOULD be fun to write. Of course I ALWAYS enjoy good stories in that mold

  3. Simone you are such a masterof erotica
    I want to tell you that I started a blog
    and I used your name
    I hope you don't mind
    I'm just starting so I can useallhelp I can
    It seems to tie in with this cap ...well in a way

    1. I saw your blog post and I left you a message. Thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter!

  4. Mmm! What a delightful caption! Janelle seems like such a naughty tease--just my kind of girl! I can imagine a few things she might do a night out, all of them naughtier than the last! I would definitely take her up on her offer!

    1. I could easily seeing you becoming a girl like Janelle, hun. The feminine element is very seductive, especially the fluid way she moves from one life to the next. It might be why i even thought this one up in the first place!


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