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Monday, April 14, 2014

Shanghai Princess | Stowaway Sentenced

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 A trip you'll never forget.

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This image completely inspired the story.  I wanted the prose to have hints of classic storytelling because of the plot and setting.  I ended up revising it several times, cutting about a fourth of the text from the original draft.

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They dragged the stowaway to the captain's cabin after finding him, a slender, fair young man coated in the dusty but finely-tailored clothes of the privileged class. The Captain examined the frail youth in silence, then beckoned him close to assign his fate.  

“There is passion in your eyes,” The Captain’s powerful baritone warmed the younger man yet set him on edge. “So I will give you a second chance to serve me.  Accept your punishment and I’ll give you a new life.  Refuse and I’ll set you afloat on drift wood.”  The stowaway accepted  before the sailors dragged him away and tied him to the mast.   At nightfall, The Captain came to the prisoner, serving him food and a mug filled with a sweet-tasting nectar that left a fuzzy warmth in his stomach.  “Drink this to prepare you for your sentence.”  The lad obeyed, falling into a fitful sleep soon after.

Every each day The Captain would bring the prisoner’s meals with more of the intoxicatingly seductive drink.  The young lad listened to The Captain's stories, finding the crew leader fascinating.  From his place on deck, he watched the crew follow his orders without question.   This went on for days while the young man’s body started changing.  

Pale skin transformed into flawless flesh, sensitive to the ocean breeze.  He moaned at night as his waist constricted, body crackling with erotic energy.  Fair hair darkened and lengthened until black tresses whipped in the wind.  The crew watched the prisoner turn petite before their eyes, curves swelling and blooming in place of muscles.  His face softened as his lips grew fuller and eyes flickered with an awakened carnal hunger.  All the while, the bewitched boy’s mind clouded over with fever dreams of debaucherous acts. Feminine thoughts corrupted him while he slept, molding him into a new being.  

After weeks at sea, The Captain watched as the prisoner’s manhood retreated between his thighs and replaced itself with a feminine flower.  He then cut the new girl’s binds and exposed her nude flesh.  As she stretched and purred, her eyes gazed up at The Captain with undisguised lust.  She whimpered when his hand cupped her lush ass, then pushed back into his palm.  

“Now you are ready to serve your sentence as my private bed warmer.”  The lass licked her lips before padding eagerly behind her captain - ready to serve out her time.


  1. Perhaps its just me, but I always thought that Orlando Bloom was prettier than Kira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean, or at least he had better breasts! Of course, no one was prettier than Caption Jack Sparrow!

    Love the caption, and I can see why you'd want to be a pirate captain. Where be a fine lass to swash me buckles?

    1. Perhaps they can make a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (what else is Orlando doing?) and have him swap bodies with a woman!


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