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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hands On Mentoring | Learning To Serve

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You should learn from those who know better than you.

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His hand guides yours, helping coat your full lips with the glossy ruby color.  His presence mesmerizing you until all you are aware of is his touch, his words and his scent. 

“This is how I want you to look,” his smooth baritone croons softly into your ear.  “Always pretty for me.  Always my luscious, beautiful doll.  My plaything and trophy.”  His words filter into your mind, burrowing deep into your consciousness until they become your truth.   It all erodes faint memories of a masculine past - a past you just barely out of reach of your thoughts.

“P-pretty…” You whisper faintly, struggling with the concept.  “Pretty and beautiful. . . for you?”

“Yes, my sweet.” You almost shiver at his praise, so happy you got it right.  “You must always look your best for your master.”

“Master. . . . you. . . you are. . . my master?”   Your beautiful eyes blink as the pieces begin falling into place.

“I am your Master.”  The warmth in your tummy spreads and something inside your panties stirs and twitches.  This makes you happy to be his.  He has claimed you.  “I am showing you how to serve me.”

“Does serving Master . . . . make Master happy?” 

“Yes, pet, it makes me happy.”

“I wish to make Master happy,”  Something inside you doesn’t want you to say this, but it is not stronger than your other desire.  “Teach me how to make you happy, Master.”  He smiles and guides your hand again.

“Soon, pet.  Soon you’ll know everything you need.”  Your bosom swells at his words but something inside you fades.  A small void appears in your heart for a moment, but it is quickly filled with a need. . . a need to serve him.


  1. that's what I need. a mentor.
    I am so sloppy with lip stick

  2. This cap is really hot! One of the best I've seen in a while and I'm not usually into these "master" ones.


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