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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Acquiescence | A Secret Revealed [Explicit]

 The chosen need not worry about why. . . only what they are called to do.

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I don't often do multi-panel captions but I felt the urge recently.  Plus I wanted to do something naughty.  Let me know what you think.... 

Sidenote - have had some fun recently creating role play scenarios on the Library of Wonder RP forum.  The group there is small but very talented when it comes to creativity and prose.  I'm currently creating a fun multi - transformation story with someone else who's had to deal with the avalanche different mental and physical compulsions I've placed.  I'm actually thinking of basing a caption or story on it.  Does it sound interesting to you all?


“I am about to make your dreams come true.”  His smooth, deep baritone voice penetrated my initial fear.  I shivered as the tendrils of his gaze shifted through my thoughts in search of my hidden desire.  “Ah, there it is.  Just as I thought.”  I shivered as he caressed the long hidden secret wrapped away in my mind.  As he plucked it from my mind, my resistance melted away.  His power saturated my body and the last of my will crumbled.  

I rose to my feet as dark hair tumbled past my shoulders.  My body shrank in his towering presence, but I felt no fear of him.   His strapping masculinity was absorbing mine, leaving only smooth, supple femininity.  I sighed as muscle morphed into slender, supple curves and my manhood vanished inside a soft, feminine void.  The simple cotton tee I wore became silk and translucent, displaying the body I had always dreamed of.  I was utterly and completely female in every way.

I was suddenly very aware of my new form.  I was small, nubile and soft, helpless in the presences of this powerful man.  Yet I my heart soared as my bosom rose from my first breaths as a woman.  I glanced up at him, a whirlwind of questions in my eyes.  I finally managed to give voice to the most pressing one.

“W-why?” I whispered in a breathy euphonious tone. He only smiled as his hands encircled my waist.  I felt a ripple of energy flow around my body and felt the gauzy material around my body shift into a slinky babydoll.  

“Because true feminine beauty is in the spirit and yours was brighter than the shell you were wearing.”  His hypnotic, mellow voice made my soul swoon, the warmth of his hands so alluring.  My eyes fluttered as I tried to not to faint, but the new sensations between my thighs demanded I remain lucid.  “And because I believe you’ll be the companion that satisfies my needs.”  I shivered as his desires became clear.  The empty dampness within me desperately wanted to satisfy my new benefactor.  

Our hands explored each other and I reveled in the controlled power of his physique.   His strong hands gently removed the flimsy garment from my body and freely sampled my treasures.  I whimpered as my body yielded to his touch, heat rising within my loins.  In a lusty fog I reached for his velvet rod with my slender fingers.  Instinctively I knelt before him, knowing this was my new reason for existence.  I was here to pleasure him. . . he was laying claim to his new creation and I would gladly accept his dominion.  

“Yes, you are eager to please, aren’t you?”  I only moaned in response, greedily slurping his thickness like a good pet should.  I took my time so I could savor the taste of him, watching his response so I could see what pleased him most.  His touch against my face encouraged me as I took his cock deep into my throat.  I smiled as his wand twitched between my lips, growing thicker by the second.

“You are a natural, my dear.  I will enjoy the slow, sensuous delight of your mouth but I hunger for more.”  His cock left my lips, causing me to whimper, but he quickly scooped me up and flipped me onto the bed.   I could do nothing to escape nor did I want to.  The only thing I felt was the pregnant pause between us as his rampant cock moved towards my secret grove.  I cooed when it finally pushed into me, forever awakening my carnal needs.  I was being filled!  Gloriously, irreversibly filled with the cock I would forever worship.  Every thrust drilled deep into my core until I could no longer see myself as anything but whatever he wished me to be.  “This is what it feels like to be mine, pet. This is what it means to be conquered by your own fantasies.”  

I gladly surrendered as he pounded me over and over. He took me in every way and every position that his debaucherous mind wished.  When he was spent, I used my body as a balm with his manhood still inside me.  

“You were wrong, Master,” I whispered.  “You did much more than make my wish come true.  You gave me things I didn’t know I needed.”

“A good Master knows his pets better than they know themselves.”  I couldn’t find any fault with his thinking.  He WAS my master after all. 


  1. Someone is being transformed into mulch? Or they are being changed by mulch? I'm not much of a gardener so I am not sure how that would actually work!

  2. Superb sensually surrendering cap Simone! I believe George Takei sums up my feelings toward this cap best.... Oh Myy!


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