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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Breaking Tradition | Curing The Jitters

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 Definitely not one to stand on tradition...

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“Oh Sammie, you look incredible.”  Her future husband Mark stood by the door with a dumbstruck look on his face.  She blushed as she favored him with a saucy smile.

“You know the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride.” she said coyly while raising the hem of her wedding dress.  His eyes filled with hunger as more of her silk-clad legs came into view.  

“Well, we’ve never been a very traditional couple now have we, babe?”  Her clitty twitched in her panties as her eyes held her fiance’s gaze.  Sammie’s eyes issued an invitation that she dared not voice with her lips.  “Besides, I couldn’t wait until the honeymoon…”

“We’re going to make everyone late,” Sammie tried to quell the raging heat between her thighs but the pesky thing refused to soften.  “I’ll have to have the bridesmaids repair the mess you make.”

“They can’t start the wedding without the bride and groom.  Besides,would you rather me mount you in front of everyone in the chapel?”  

“Mark!” she giggled at her man’s lusty declaration but she knew she wasn’t going to deny him.  She never could refuse Mark, even when she was just his best friend.  If she had learned how, she might still be Nate.  However she had no issues with letting him have his way.  She just hoped they could hurry - she had one more “I do” to say to him and she wanted to look her best while doing it!


  1. Brilliant cap Simone! You're able to thread those needle of sexy and sweet at the same time. Your design emphasizes this by enhancing both the story and the photo while not overpowering the image!

  2. Definitely got my attention with this one -- I'm sure you can guess why. ;) Masterfully done, babe. I love it!

  3. Simone, so so great.
    I have started a blog now, and I have been so apprehensive about it simply because you do such a fantastic job.
    You, Caitlyn, and so many others.
    It is so fun to read yours.
    Thanks, for doing things so wonderfully.

    1. I hope you enjoy your own branching out. It's your space so do what you want with it. I really appreciate your comments and I hope I keep making things that inspire you to continue.


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