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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Behind Every Woman | The True Self

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The truth shall come to the light.

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Female to Female stories aren't always the most popular (nor do I expect this one to be) but it certainly is something Victoria loves.  Darker, cerebral themes are her specialty.  I knew she loved this particular image so I used it in an unconventional way.  The initial idea was to make it a more directly Lesbian themed story but I wanted to try something new. After finishing it, I toyed with the idea of making the story more obvious but I decided to let it stay as it.  Let me know how you feel it went.

Do you hear me, dear?  Of course you do.  I’m never too far from the surface.  My faint whisper stops you in front of that expensive set of black lingerie.  I embody that adventurous desire within you to display your body.   I am that indomitable spirit that craves control and power.  I don’t hide my lascivious cravings behind fear of judgement.  

You hear my whispers every time you slide those silky stockings up your creamy , flawless legs.  You see me behind you every time you look in the mirror and ponder a darker hair color.  I nudge your hand over to the rich crimson color lipstick instead of the pale pink.  I’m the moan unheard as your eyes linger a little too long on the lovely curves of that perky barista who makes your coffee.  I make you slow down every time you pass the leather and lace shop on your way from work.  I am the persistent fantasy you have of feminine lips touching and sapphic pleasures begging to be unleashed.  

One day you’ll listen to me, dear.  You’ll tell that barista your name is “Tori” instead of the silly name you were born with.  You’ll give her a seductive smile and see if she blushes, then hand her your card.  You’ll wear that pair of red stilettos that I urged you to buy weeks ago along with that matching power suit that screams “haughty bitch.”  You’ll tell the salon girl to make you a brunette and you’ll walk confidently out those doors exuding your inner dark goddess.  People will wonder what made you this way and your red lips will curl into a wicked smile that will incite fear and desire simultaneously.  You’ll openly covet feminine delights and melt some girl’s resolve.  When she finally surrenders to you, then she will wear your collar.

When all that happens, my dear… You’ll finally be your true self.  You’ll finally be ME.

1 comment:

  1. This is so Hot Simone. It gives me shivers.
    I can hear you whispering that to me.
    I get tremulous and want to do as you speak, but my fearstands in the way,
    But it is starting to be overcome.
    I do have the red stilettos.
    Always wonderful.


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