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Monday, March 10, 2014

Discretionary Trade | A Power Play

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 Walk a mile in her heels...you might not come back.

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She gasped softly as the cool silk touched her skin.  Sara tried to calm her heart while Marlena adjusted the garment to cup her bosom, but the excitement got to her like it always did.  The pretty brunette maid simply went about her tasks, never once taking note of her employers obvious arousal. 

"I selected the black set to go with the uniform, Miss Sara,"  the servant told her before leaning closer to whisper the rest.  “I even spent my break pleasuring myself so you could enjoy the panties as well.”  The svelte blonde shivered, her knees buckling underneath her.  Normally she was too enraptured by the sensations of being dressed, but Marlena always seemed to know how to push the envelope.  It was one of the many reasons Sara employed her.  Most of all it was discretion.  Marlena knew how to keep a secret.  She did not judge, no matter the situation or vice. 

Not even when she found her employer trying on a female bodysuit one day.  Keeping with her unflappable nature, she simply walked over to “Jay” and helped him slide the suit on.  She watched as the slender, toned man disappeared inside the creamy skin of Sara.  Bit by bit, the man disappeared underneath gentle curves, soft breasts and supple skin. 

It had been like that ever since: Friday would come and Marlena would spend the weekends with "Sara" instead of Jay.  The shy young lady would confide in the maid in ways the stoic Jay never could.  The neophyte girl would defer to the more experienced servant, as she learned how to carry herself as a woman.  When she caught Sara staring longingly at one of her uniforms, Marlena prodded the girl until she admitted she wanted to try it on.  The girl took to the role, mimicking all of Marlena’s duties as they walked the house.  She even served the maid her meal just as Marlena did each night for her young master.  Now their game goes a step further each weekend.  The young master disappears and the maid becomes the lady of the house.  Once Marlena pins the cap on Sara’s head, she becomes “Miss Marlena.”  Sara happily serves her and Marlena gets to enjoy the trappings of power and wealth. 

What did you do with the package?" asked the demure blonde. Marlena smiled as she pulled the skirt up Sara's legs.

"Oh, the bodysuit controller? I put it away for safekeeping, just as you asked. Don't worry," she continued with a smirk, "I'll let you out of the suit... when the time is right."

Sara cooed at Marlena's answer. It appeared she might be wearing the maid's cap on a more permanent basis.


  1. Very seductive story Simone! Most 'Master to Maid' stories seem fairly one dimensional, but your telling makes this seem fresh and new again!

  2. Wow Simone,
    You have such a talent for the erotic.

  3. This is such an erotic bodysuit caption Simone. And the role reversal in here? Exquisitely portrayed. I usually don't go for the power loss sort of situations, but this role play was just too sexy not to enjoy.


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