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Friday, March 28, 2014

Opportunity Knocking | Given A Choice


Will you be ready to open the door?

If Dawn had been paying attention, she might have noticed the car BEFORE it pulled up.  However, she has been a bit too enamored with her transformation.  The seductive caress of smoky sheer stockings tended to have that effect on her.  Dressing enfemme was an immersive diversion for her and it was one she only had a little time to indulge. Like so many secret girls, Dawn wished she could adopt her beloved feminine finery full time.  However, like so many secret girls, she feared the unknown.

But as her friend was walking up to the door, Dawn pondered the opportunity before her.  Sure she could leave him waiting as she haphazardly slipped back into her male alter ego and continue hiding.  She could also finish slipping into that sexy little strapless number she bought from Saks 5th Avenue, slink downstairs and introduce Dawn to the world.  The scale of choice weighed itself as she watched her friend approach.  When the scale finally tipped itself within Dawn’s mind, she made her choice and reached for the silky, slinky garment . . . .


  1. Yay for Dawn. I imagine many of us wish for that courageous moment

  2. Silky feeling always seems to draw me towards it and away from....denim.

  3. I love the term "secret girl"...


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