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Friday, March 14, 2014

Disturbing The Ritual | Give 'Em The Slip

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Elise gets to go out for the evening. (Special thanks to Victoria for the editing)

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“Jeff, are you in there?”

“I’m just getting ready for bed, mom!”

“Ok then.  Goodnight, dear.”

Part of Jeff wanted his mother to open the door and find him hiding in the bathtub. The pretty young man even entertained the idea of flinging the door open and strutting past his mother dressed to the nines. Deep down she HAD to know her son wasn't like most boys. Most boys were handsome or cute; Jeff was absolutely stunning. Most boys shied away from doing or saying anything too girly; Jeff embraced his feminine nature with open arms.
It was the ritual that was Jeff’s secret: his two years of sneaking out en femme had perfected his transformation. He had grown so adept in the use use of shapewear and prosthetics that his secret was immune to discovery.  He always started with a luxurious soak in scented bath oils while he shaved his legs.  Once his body was smooth and flawless, he washed his luminous locks and prepared them for styling.  The self-pampering always served to relax him, letting Jeff shed, little by little, the male facade that society and his parents expected him to maintain, allowing him to reveal her: Elise.  She would pat herself dry and apply lotions to her skin, and then she would dress. She always began with a pair of silky panties, savoring the anticipation of the next step, her favorite: pantyhose. Sliding the hose over her dainty feet and up her slender legs thrilled her like nothing else. The cool caress of the diaphanous silks upon her skin made Elise feel wholly feminine. Tonight’s pair was especially sexy!  Elise couldn’t WAIT to show off her new hosiery to her Simone and Kendall.   

Her girlfriends were just as enthusiastic about embodying feminine illusion, and just as skilled. In fact, Elise was sure that they were wearing their own silken finds as they scoped out all the handsome hotties in the club. She had to hurry; there was NO WAY Elise was going to be left out of the mix!

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