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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Pulling Strings" or "Sitting In Between"

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I'll dangle you forever.

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Few could be blessed with so much.  How many would crawl across broken glass to take your place?  To be handed so many gifts in exchange for so little is something many have spent entire lifetimes wishing for.  

And that is exactly why you don’t smile.  

I know your heart, little Felicia.  Even if you don’t say it, THIS was the part of the wish you didn’t ask for.  The part of the spell you did not expect.  My magic shed you of your male shell.  I shaped you into something small, soft and feminine.  A demure, sweet doll carved from your deepest desires.  In giving you your femininity, I’ve taken away your mask.  There is nothing to hide behind now.  You cannot deny your true self in this form.  To accept this means accepting your love of beauty.  This means rejecting the masculine.  To become Felicia means submitting to what you truly want instead of what you’ve been told was right.  

What’s more, accepting this fate means your life is no longer your own.  it means belonging to me.  Becoming my plaything and my protege.  You will learn my secrets and become privy to my most intimate desires - at the cost of your free will. Fated to fulfill my carnal desires but never find your own fulfillment.  You will be compelled to obey my every whim, to surrender more of yourself to femininity.  No thought will be hidden from my mind and no decision will be your own.

Save for one - The power to end all of this….

With one word you can stop this.  You can stop your descent into submission and femininity.  Tell me you do not want to belong to me and I will free you of my influence and my spell.  It will always be there, always taunting you with the one truth to the whole puzzle:  That this is what you want.  You won’t use your way out because it’s what you need.  You need to be trapped between what you want and your desire to hide from it.  It keeps you in a constant state of anticipation.  So you will remain my Felicia because you want to belong to me and you love what I’ve done to you.  And I will always remind you of this fact and taunt you with the truth.  You are my mouse on a string, Felicia.  One I’ll never tire of toying with.


  1. Woo. That's some mental manipulation

  2. I really do love mental games, and this one is so wonderfully evil.

  3. This seems like a lesson in how to be manipulated into being feminine.
    Okay Simone. try this on me to see if it works.

  4. I love manipulation stories and that's just great.


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