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Monday, November 11, 2013

"Get Lucky!" or "An Evening's Pleasure"

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She's up all night 'till the sun
She's up all night to get some
Shel's up all night for good fun . . .

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This was made for Elise.


Sometimes the first steps for the evening were the most fun for Elise.  The rhythmic clicking of her heels on the concrete was music to her ears.  They were the sound of anticipation of the night’s activities.  It also reminded her what she had become in just a few hours.  Jeff may have been the one to come home from a tedious week of work but it was Elise who left home for a weekend on the prowl.

She was always meticulous with her transformation.  Elise didn’t simply appear to be a girl, she aspired to become a beautiful woman.  A soothing bubble bath with scented oils pampered her skin and soaked her stress away.  She painted her nails until they glittered like jewels and dusted her body with perfumed powders until she smelled irresistible.  A sexy, feminine outfit was a MUST as well as lacy lingerie to heighten her girlish pleasure!   A few special garments aided in Elise’s feminine illusion, making her undetectable even naked.  By the time she was done with her hair and makeup, she had made the full mental transition from Jeff to Elise.  After a glass of wine and a final mirror check, she was ready to meet whatever the night brought.

And so while it was still daylight, Elise’s mind was already on the evening.  Perhaps a nice dinner with her “girls” or dancing at a club.  Perhaps she’ll find a handsome young stud to take home.  She might even steal from from another girl and show him how a REAL lady treats a man!  Whatever she decided to do, Elise was sure it was going to be fun . . for her and whomever was lucky enough to join her.

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