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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Body Allure" or "Irresistible Look"

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Image is everything

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John stared at the slinky champagne lingerie as he walked into the house.  He hadn’t had a girl over in ages.  But he didn’t remove it from the couch.  Instead he went to his room to change out of his work clothing.  There was some nagging thing in the back of his head as he undressed. . . something about the delicate garment was bothering him.  He shook his head and went to the living room, ready to throw it out.  As soon as he picked it up, something stopped him.

Something within him wouldn’t LET John destroy it.  It was as if every fiber of his well being NEEDED it.  His hands shook as he pulled it open, sliding his feet into it.  The gauzy material tingled as it touched his body, growing stronger as it started to cover him.  However, instead of the bodystocking stretching over him, his body contoured to what the lingerie desired.  Feet became dainty and legs turned smooth and slim.  John groaned in a strange timbre as his hips and waist shifted and expanded.  He could feel the sensual netting tighten around his new lush ass.  Something inside John was pleased at his new shape and he smiled as more of his body molded itself.

Another lusty groan escaped his lips as he felt his cock retreat back inside his abdomen, leaving only a dewy flower between his thighs.  The changeling licked it’s thickening lips, now completely aware of itself.  John’s mind faded to the background while Lilly’s emerged from hibernation.  She embraced her growing curves as they filled out the body stocking.  All the erotic sensuality of pantyhose but for the entire body.  Her slender, manicured fingers brushed thru her chestnut locks as her body settled into it’s feminine form.  As she heard the key slide into the door lock, she struck a pose, wanting her Antonio to get a full view of her before the night’s ravishment got under way.


  1. Very arresting transformation, Mistress.

  2. That is quite the detailed transformation, hot and spicy indeed!

  3. Make this a third agreement. The transformation and the picture goes really well together,


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