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Thursday, November 21, 2013

"The Initiate" or "A Touch Of Guidance"

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Welcome to the Girl's Club

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I haven't done  caption in this style in a long time, but combined with a few newer visual elements, it fit best for this story and images.  I also wanted to do something involving pretty stockings for a change.  I hope you enjoy!


 You don’t have to hold back dear, it’s more fun to let go.  You’ve been trying to fight your new urges but the spell is breaking your resolve.  More and more of Andrew is swept away with each new change.  But it’s alright, I’m here to guide you through it all. . . and perhaps tempt you into more.

Feel how slim your waist is; how my fingers glide over your smooth flesh.  The cool rush of your tight stockings and silk panties?  The intimate tickle of your hair against your neck and shoulders?  Those are things boys aren’t allowed to enjoy.  But you can now.  Linda can appreciate how her ass sways each time she takes a step in her high heels.  She can wrap herself in the sweet scents of herbal bath oils and perfumes.  She can let a girlfriend tempt her with whisper-soft touches in special places  . . . even let herself be taken by a handsome stud.  You can be a conduit of pleasure.  The power of femininity is yours to embrace, my dear.  It’s something to be celebrated and cherished.  It is eroticism and it is sensuality in one beautiful, tiny package. . . you.

And now, sweet Linda, I’m going to take my own pleasure from you.  I love how sweet and small you’ve become.  It’s turning me on in ways I didn’t expect.  I’ll teach you how girls satisfy each other before my boyfriend gets here.  THEN he will show you how to please a man.


  1. The photo, the story, the design... all these elements would stand out and make this a magnificent caption. But only you could string these together and make something really special.
    Great caption Simone... Bravo!

  2. Only you could pull off this intoxicating mixture of image, design and storyline with its fantastic last paragraph into this magnificent caption.


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